Content that strikes chord with human motivations forms bedrock of effective marketing: Manisha Kapoor

AI should handle mundane tasks, but the essence of creative campaigns and audience engagement remains the domain of human ingenuity, according to Kapoor, ASCI’s CEO and Secretary General

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Manisha Kapoor

Manisha Kapoor

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New Delhi: Marketers are increasingly seeking automation to alleviate the burden of creativity fatigue, ASCI’s CEO and Secretary General Manisha Kapoor asserted, encapsulating the industry's quest for efficiency amidst evolving paradigms during an interview with

Kapoor underscored the pervasive discourse surrounding technology, digitalisation, and adaptability, echoing the sentiments resonating throughout the industry. 

She went on to shed light on ASCI's evolving role in facilitating a proactive shift towards preventive measures in advertising regulation. "Can ads be corrected before even getting to the implementation of other cautionary measures? Yes, prevention can take place," reflecting ASCI's commitment to fostering responsible advertising practices proactively.

"Human creativity, augmented by AI-driven innovation, remains pivotal in driving marketing excellence," Kapoor affirmed, encapsulating the symbiotic relationship between human ingenuity and technological advancement. 

Today's consumers are tech-savvy and expect a seamless omnichannel experience. Navigating the delicate balance between automation and creativity, Kapoor emphasised, "AI should handle mundane tasks, but the essence of creative campaigns and audience engagement remains the domain of human ingenuity." 

Her conclusion reiterated her belief that "average creative individuals may find AI outperforming them, yet exceptional creative minds remain irreplaceable." 

The audience today is more receptive to personalised marketing that acknowledges their unique preferences and needs.

However, the sheer volume of advertising bombarding them online can lead to ad fatigue. To counter this, marketers are crafting more engaging and interactive ad formats that capture attention and provide value. 

Transitioning to evolving content consumption patterns, Kapoor highlighted the burgeoning importance of authentic, resonant content. "Content that strikes a chord with human motivations forms the bedrock of effective marketing," Kapoor opined, underscoring the enduring relevance of authentic storytelling amidst technological advancements.