Bandhan Life unveils new brand identity

Bandhan Life, formerly known as Aegon Life Insurance, also announced its new tagline ‘Bharat Ki Udaan, Bandhan Se’

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Bandhan Life, formerly known as Aegon Life Insurance, announced its new identity along with a new tagline ‘Bharat Ki Udaan, Bandhan Se’. 

Akhil Almeida, Head of Marketing, Bandhan Life, said, “The launch of our new brand identity is a pivotal moment in how we communicate the value of life insurance. Moving away from traditional narratives that focus solely on life's uncertainties, we choose to celebrate and elevate the aspirations of Bharat. We envision an India where every individual feels empowered to secure their future and pursue their aspirations.” 

He further said, “The vision is encapsulated in our new tagline, “Bharat Ki Udaan, Bandhan Se.", which promises to lift the nation through strengthened relationships. The new logo features a budding flower, symbolising potential, and new beginnings. The choice of colours was carefully considered – while the red is adopted from the Bandhan Group conveying commitment and a sense of protection. The blues convey stability, trust, and dependability and together these make an ideal combination for a new life insurance brand.”

Satishwar B, MD and CEO of Bandhan Life, said, “This transition sets the stage for an amazing new chapter for us. Looking ahead, our vision for the next five years is set: transforming Bandhan Life into a leading multi-channel insurance company. We will be expanding our presence across all relevant product categories. We believe that the strength of a bond can propel one to greater heights— As we fortify the bonds of trust with our customers, our collective ambitions soar. Bandhan Life will enable all stakeholders to soar higher because we believe that every dream fortified by Bandhan is a flight towards a brighter tomorrow.” 

Through a blend of emotional storytelling and functional benefits, Bandhan Life aims to relate effectively with its diverse customer base across India. 

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