Unlocking the power of Brand integration: Insights from Amazon miniTV

The masterclass on ‘Brand Integration’ at Goafest 2024 highlighted the growing appetite for video content among Indian viewers, the rise of ad-supported free video streaming, and the platform's role in facilitating effective brand integrations.

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Amogh Dusad

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Mumbai: The session led by Vijay Iyer, Director of Amazon Ads India, and Amogh Dusad, Head of Content for Amazon miniTV provided insights into various integration formats, amplification strategies, and performance metrics. It positioned miniTV as an attractive proposition for marketers seeking to connect with Indian consumers through relevant video content.

The session delineated two types of brand integrations: active and passive. Examples like Subway's subtle product placement in South Korean cinema showcased the impact of passive integration on consumer behaviour. Amogh reflected on the importance of these two types by saying “What brand integrations do is help you in an impactful way, specifically, take the brand message from the ad slot into the content itself. And I think that's where this combination becomes extremely important and potent because that's where the legal attention is”.

One notable aspect discussed was the increasing appetite of Indian viewers for engaging video content, evident in the projected growth of ad-supported free video streaming users from 348 million in 2023 to 466 million by 2027. 

Marketers' emphasis on video streaming was underscored by statistics showing that 47% of Asia Pacific marketers consider "watching and streaming video via OTT devices" as significant consumer behaviour.

Amazon miniTV operates on three pillars to build a free ad-supported video streaming platform: engaging content programming, integrated access, and differentiated ad solutions. Leveraging popular characters and actors contributes to faster integration timelines and enhances the platform's effectiveness. “So not only the visibility of the brand but the right context in which the brand visibility comes. These are the areas in which we are thinking and working”, said Dusad.

Further, Dusad emphasised miniTV's ability to leverage Amazon's first-party shopping and streaming data to help advertisers reach highly relevant audiences, customising reach based on various parameters.

Iyer highlighted the effectiveness of brand marketing on miniTV, citing examples of “leading brands witnessing significant uplifts in ad recall, brand association, and purchase intent”. He said a leading wireless audio brand “saw 88% ad recall, 85% brand association, and 23% purchase intent uplift” while another leading CPG D2C brand also “saw 75% ad recall and 87% key message association”. 

He then concluded with an emphasis on “miniTV’s in-stream video ads (are) driving 77% higher uplift in key brand metrics versus a leading Indian video streaming service, and 90% higher uplift versus Kantar Context Lab India benchmarks”. Thus, staying ahead of the game as compared to the industry average.