Shreyansh Baid, Fanindra Jain & Rishi Sen launch DO

DO is a creative-tech solutions company that aims to bridge the art of storytelling with modern day interaction design and technology

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Shreyansh Baid, Fanindra Jain & Rishi Sen launch DO, creative-tech solutions company

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Delhi: Shreyansh Baid, Founder and CEO, Shreyansh Innovations, Fanindra Jain, Creative Lead – Shreyansh Innovations Digital and Rishi Sen, previously SVP and Business Head, Digitas and Managing Partner, Jack in the Box Worldwide, has ventured into the creative technology business with their new initiative, DO.

DO is a creative-tech solutions company that aims to bridge the art of storytelling with modern day interaction design and technology. 

Baid, Founder and CEO of DO, said, “The most well-known brands of our generation are because the founder owned the story and had partners that told it simply and beautifully. We are that partner who enters the conversation with a business-first approach to identify the brand’s current position and its inflection points. What happens next is not just about technical expertise or having all the answers. It’s also about being human, connecting with people, and being able to unleash each other’s potential. This really is the basis for founding DO. The name is inspired by the karmic concept of action - continuous, relentless, in the right direction. We deeply believe in the power of our universe.”

Sen, SVP – Business, Strategy and Founding Partner, said, “In an ocean of agencies jockeying for position, we at DO stand apart—not as contenders in the usual agency race, but as dedicated specialists. We operate on a unique problem-solution model, diving deep to unravel and address each business challenge before moving on to the next. This specialist mentality is not just about solving problems; it's about mastering them. We educate and incubate specialists, fostering a culture of continuous learning and expertise development. This approach ensures that each team member is not only equipped to tackle today’s challenges but is also prepared to think of solutions for tomorrow. This deep-dive expertise is essential—it enables us to truly understand, resolve, and advance beyond the immediate, creating lasting value for our clients.”

Jain, Creative Lead and Founding Partner, said, “This is the age of candid. Marketing has got to feel real, true, almost imperfect. Bridging brand challenges with content, media, data and tech demands all the more Imagination and Expertise today and we’re geared for it. Our relentless drive for DO-ing whatever it takes will stand us out.”


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