LS Digital’s DigiVerse 2.0: Breaking down silos, encouraging AI-powered marketing

After DigiVerse’s initial launch by LS Digital, version 2.0 aims at providing higher user convenience for digital marketing analytics with enhanced integration and AI readiness

Khushi Keswani
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Vinay Tamboli

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New Delhi: LS Digital recently launched DigiVerse 2.0, an update to its digital marketing analytics platform, to address the evolving needs of businesses in the digital marketing landscape.  

Vinay Tamboli, CEO of LS Digital, elaborates on this evolution: “Digital marketing is more than just media channels; it encompasses the entire spectrum from website development to analytics projects. DigiVerse integrates these components seamlessly, providing clients with a holistic view of their digital footprint.” 

Prior to the launch of DigiVerse 2.0, the original platform primarily focused on traditional media channels. However, the digital marketing landscape has expanded significantly to encompass website development, app development, and a wider range of analytics projects. Recognising this shift, LS Digital designed DigiVerse 2.0 to integrate these various components seamlessly. 

One of the key strengths of DigiVerse 2.0 lies in its ability to integrate with existing data visualisation tools like Power BI and Tableau. This allows clients to connect to their DigiVerse data and customise their analytics dashboards to meet specific business needs. 

Tamboli explained the significance of this flexibility. “Clients can connect to DigiVerse data and customise their analytics to meet specific business needs. This flexibility enhances decision-making processes for CFOs, CEOs, and CMOs by providing them with tailored insights directly relevant to their roles.” 

Since its initial launch, DigiVerse has experienced significant growth, serving over 20 businesses across various industries. Notably, the platform has seen strong adoption within the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) sector. This is likely due to DigiVerse's commitment to data security and compliance, a crucial factor for institutions handling sensitive information. 

Tamboli commented on this trend: “We've seen significant adoption among BFSI sectors, driven by our commitment to data security and compliance. Our recent enhancements ensure stringent control and protection of sensitive client data.”

DigiVerse 2.0 goes beyond basic data collection and analysis. The platform is designed to prepare organisations for the future of marketing by capturing data in a structured manner, a crucial factor for the effective utilisation of artificial intelligence applications.

“Capturing data in a structured manner is crucial for AI applications. DigiVerse prepares businesses to leverage AI effectively by ensuring data integrity and accessibility,” emphasised Tamboli about structured data. 

Streamlining workflows and collaboration 

Digital marketing can often suffer from a lack of standardised processes, leading to inefficiencies and communication gaps. DigiVerse 2.0 aims to address this issue by introducing streamlined workflows for documentation and approvals. This fosters better collaboration between teams and ensures transparency in decision-making.

A key element is also the platform’s AI readiness, as the entire purpose of simplifying the management of data is also to provide convenience in further processing it. Thus, it automatically encourages as well as eases the use of GenAI in harnessing insights or processing data further. 

“Our platform enhances process efficiency,” explained Tamboli. “It allows seamless collaboration between teams and ensures transparency in decision-making.” 

For businesses heavily reliant on e-commerce platforms, DigiVerse 2.0 offers simplified product mapping across multiple channels. This feature ensures consistency in analytics by unifying product data, even when variations in naming conventions exist across different platforms. 

Tamboli highlighted the advantage for e-commerce businesses: “E-commerce businesses benefit from DigiVerse's capability to unify product data, ensuring consistency in analytics despite variations in naming conventions across platforms.”

The development team behind DigiVerse is constantly striving to improve the platform and cater to the evolving needs of its clients. Tamboli hinted at future advancements: “We're exploring avenues to integrate more advanced AI applications into our platform, empowering businesses to derive deeper insights and optimise marketing strategies.”