Bombay DC launches India Design System

India Design System is an open-source repository of freely downloadable public logos and signages

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New Delhi: Bombay DC recently developed India Design System, an open-source repository of freely downloadable public logos and signages. 

Bombay DC believes that India requires a design system of its own to bring in consistency, so with the India Design System, they aijm to help in that. The project aims to serve  an exhaustive catalogue of government logos, common public symbols, hospital signages,school signages, industrial signages, and traffic signs that can be downloaded by anyone for free.

Ankur Rander, CEO of Bombay Design Centre, quoted, "We understand that signs in public spaces and government logos are a key representation of the country’s design capabilities and form a large part of any country's aesthetic. Our vision with the India Design System is to standardize the usage and representation of these important symbols across the country in print, online and on the ground. This is a growing catalogue. The first set of identities that are available to download are common public & government program logos. As the project progresses, the plan is to launch new collections like school signages, hospital signages, road safety signages and so on.”

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