Super 7 ads of the week: Ads that delivered unique narratives

This week, includes work done by Tasty Treat, GoIbibo, BoldCare, Dell Technologies, Dettol, Nic, Cred

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Delhi: Ads often depend on their narratives to push forth their promotional message. BestMediaInfo has curated a list of ads that have twisted unique narratives. 

This week, has included work done by Tasty Treat, GoIbibo, BoldCare, Dell Technologies, Dettol, Nic, Cred. 

1. Tasty Treat unites Bangladeshis with their real birth dates using custom AI

Tasty Treat, the country's bakery chain, aimed to embark on a mission to bring joy to individuals by helping them uncover their real birth dates for the first time. 'Best Birthday Gift' is a custom AI module designed and created by Softwind Tech, one of Bangladesh's software companies, to utilise individuals' earliest memories of childhood stories about their birth to determine their actual date of birth.

The campaign, conceptualised by Grey Bangladesh, tells the true story of Alimuddin Mia. His daughter, Salma, sees the Facebook announcement of the tool's availability at the Tasty Treat Mirpur branch. She goes on to collect an abundance of information from relatives about events that took place around the period of her father's birth. Initially, he is sceptical that anything will come of it, but with the help of the AI module and his daughter's tireless effort, he now knows the exact day and gets to celebrate his birthday for the first time in his life.

In addition to revealing their birth date, the module aims to empower individuals to order customised birthday cakes for their special day.

2. Goibibo recreates comic scene from Panchatanthiram with duo Kalidas-Jayaram

The film references a popular scene from ‘Panchatanthiram’ keeping the trope of recreating movie scenes, as previously demonstrated by the brands #Goibebo campaign starring Kareena Kapoor Khan who was onboarded as the brand ambassador last year.

The film leverages cultural cues as much as it does language to build a connection with its audiences in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, aiming to deliver a story that resonates with audiences while infusing specific travel contexts with a fresh perspective. 

3. Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins reunite for Bold Care’s teleshopping parody

Bold Care has unveiled the second instalment of their #TakeBoldCareOfHer campaign. The latest brand film showcases Bold Care’s product, Extend Delay Spray, designed to help men last longer in bed. 

The film features Bold Care’s Co-Founder, Indian actor, Ranveer Singh, taking on the role of a teleshopping show host.

Reuniting Singh with internet personality Johnny Sins, the ad aims to blend comedy with informative content.

From the creative minds of Tanmay Bhat, Devaiah Bopanna, and their team, the brand film was directed by Ayappa KM. The film is produced by Earlyman Films. This teleshopping parody film is the continuation of the #TakeBoldCareOfHer campaign by Bold Care which was introduced a few weeks ago.

4. Dell Technologies’ new ‘Back to School and College’ film celebrates spirit of social innovation

Conceived by VML, the campaign is a continuation of Dell’s ethos of the ‘Doing is the New Learning’ series from previous years and falls under the foundation of Dell's #PC4Education initiative.

The two brand films, “Lamps” and “Mountains,” tell the stories of three students who come up with novel solutions to pressing subjects. The first film focuses on a young boy who, along with his friends, is inspired by a story of triumph over adversity to embark on a mission to improve access to light for children in rural communities. 

The second film highlights a young girl who understands the power of teamwork to address the waste issue in the mountains. With the help of Dell's Inspiron 14 Plus, she and her friends create a microsite and design a logo called “Summit Savers” to organise a clean-up drive. This initiative turns into a success, drawing many participants who come together to make a difference.

5. Dettol protects Big Dreams Of India with bigger Dettol soap

Dettol launched a new campaign celebrating the India success story. The three films capture the growing Indian ambition, with the aim of continuing to provide protection to consumers and support their growing dreams. The campaign marks the launch of the larger 100g Dettol Bar Soap (multi-pack).

The campaign films talk about the dreams of young talented kids through the eyes of their mothers and teacher, who envision them successful in their pursuit. 

Conceptualised by McCann Worldgroup, the new campaign comprises three ad films. The films celebrate the big dreams of every Indian as they aspire to become an astronaut, an engineer or a cricketer among others and promise to support their dreams with the germ protection provided by new bigger Dettol Bar Soap (multi-pack). 

6. Nic Ice Creams partner with sideways to showcase 'Gehri Dosti ke Gehre Flavours’

Have you ever seen an actor rush through a thank you speech? Mandanna does just that because she needs to hurry to her friend's birthday party. She arrives with just 5 minutes left, but the real fun starts in the after-party with close friends. This campaign aims to highlight enjoying Nic ice creams best with your nearest and dearest.

7. Ila Arun takes side gig in Cred UPI film

The ad features the ‘Choli Ke Peeche' popstar, Ila Arun, and this time, she's on a quest for a bargain. On a mission to score a discount at an antique shop, Arun faces a dilemma - become the side-eyed soundtrack to high-society gossip or upgrade the way she pays.