Super 7 ads of the week: Ads that added fervour to promotions

This week, has included work done by XYXX, Naukri, Savlon, Lahori Zeera, Prestige, Moov, and L&T Finance

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Delhi: Ads seek to deliver lasting impressions through their narratives. BestMediaInfo has curated a list of ads that added fervour to their promotional game. 

This week, has included work done by XYXX, Naukri, Savlon, Lahori Zeera, Prestige, Moov, and L&T Finance.

1. XYXX with KL Rahul use sci-fi underwear musical to highlight ‘Undie-pendence’

Conceptualised by Talented and produced by First December Films, the campaign portrays a dystopian world where men are physically shackled by their underwear, struggling with basic tasks due to perpetual discomfort. 

The campaign opens with Rahul looking perplexed at this world where men are going about their day in discomfort and are struggling at every step - be it riding a bike, lifting weights at the gym, or being able to work. Once Rahul acknowledges the problem, he orders XYXX Tencel Modal Micro-made underwear for all so they can experience "Undie-pendence.”

2. Lowe Lintas and Naukri join hands to target ‘ambitious’ GenZ

Lowe Lintas has joined forces with to introduce a new campaign tailored specifically for the Gen Z workforce. 

Intended to go live during IPL where ACDs are no more than 15 seconds, the campaign leverages storytelling and messaging, to connect with Gen Z job seekers.

3. Savlon and Ogilvy bring alive 'handful' interactions to promote handwashing

On Global Hand Hygiene Day this year, Savlon Swasth India Mission harnessed an everyday insight of how people's hands, through the day, meet and greet multiple people, and touch several surfaces picking up germs from each interaction. 

The campaign, conceptualised by Ogilvy India, brought alive this observation by personifying every interaction with people's hands in a humorous way.

The changing hand identity till the hands are washed with a hand wash, mirrors everyday lives and reinforces the need to adopt washing hands as a habit. 

4. ‘Har koi pee raha Lahori Zeera', propagates the brand's latest ad 

The ad unveils various scenarios where all the characters are seen drinking Lahori Zeera while doing what they are doing. From a thief running away from police, the onlookers of this chase, the people in a salon, people in a boxing match, people shifting a couch inside a flat, people in an OT, in a massage place, during cricket, in a club, in a trial room, on a bus, and even in an administration office. 

The ad has garnered a lot of buzz on social media with netizens calling it ‘their mode of discovery’ of the brand while few opined that the ad did not show much to promote. 

5. Prestige Pressure Cooker celebrates 75 years of being handed down for generations

Conceptualised by DDB Mudra, the TVC takes viewers on an emotional journey with a family as each member instinctively and coincidentally decides to prepare their grandmother's traditional and beloved Biryani recipe for her birthday. As different family members announce what they have prepared for the special day, it becomes evident that they all share the intention of making their grandmother's day truly special with their family’s most cherished dish: 'grandmother’s special biryani.’ Each one has done so using a different model of the Prestige Pressure Cooker. 

6. Moov traces universal nature of pain to provide relief

Moov has released its new campaign, Aao Dard Mitayein, aimed at highlighting the brand's commitment to providing pain relief for people of all ages. 

The new film, conceptualised by Havas Worldwide India, showcases Moov's evolution over the years.

The film portrays the universal nature of pain and the importance of finding quick and gentle solutions to overcome it. The film aims to show how Moov, by alleviating discomfort, enables individuals to focus on cherishing moments with loved ones, pursuing passions, and making a positive impact on the world.

7. L&T Finance educates consumers about ‘The Complete Home Loan’

The Company has launched a series of three TV commercials, with the first commercial introducing the customers to ‘Home Décor Finance’ and the second and third introducing the customers to benefits such as ‘Digitised Process’ and ‘Dedicated Relationship Manager’. 

The Company has also launched its sonic brand identity by unveiling a musical logo that reinforces the Company’s purpose: ‘Retail, Digital, and Sustainable.’ 

The musical logo is created with a blend of melodies, rhythms, and tones that aim to reflect the Company’s attributes, core values, emotions, and brand personality.