Venacava Designs crafts RTD beverage Notout’s brand identity

PS Gill, CEO, Consumer Division at Globus Spirits and Manoj Deb, Founder and Specialist Branding, Strategy and Design at Venacava Designs, walk through the process of crafting the brand identity 

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In the ever-competitive world of RTDs (Ready-to-Drink) beverages, standing out from the crowd requires a touch of confidence. 

That's where the brand Notout found itself – a recognisable name among cricket enthusiasts in a country where cricket is seen as a religion. 

Hence, seeking a brand identity that exudes understated elegance, the parent company Globus Spirits, enlisted Venacava Designs' expertise to craft a unique identity tailored to its target audience.

As Notout aims to quietly secure its place as the discerning choice in the extra-strong RTD category, appealing discreetly to both men and women in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, the brand aimed for a modern and simple brand identity that reflects the spirit of the beverage, resonating subtly with those who cherish uninterrupted moments of joy.

Speaking about the essence of brand identity, Manoj Deb, Founder and Specialist Branding, Strategy and Design at Venacava Designs, stated, “We see Notout as a catalyst for conversation emphasising discreet that gives the zone of uninterrupted enjoyment, similar to batters in cricket pitch defying the opposition attempt to dismiss him.”

Describing the whole design process, he added, "Despite the enthusiasm pumping in our veins, we approached the project with caution and reserve, understanding the challenge of creating something simple yet deeply connected to the country's most beloved sport, cricket, while capturing the essence of the brand.

Sharing more details on the execution, “Our brainstorming process started with visits to beer shops to understand the preferences of our target audience. By collecting bottles from various brands and closely studying them, we aimed to determine how our brand could stand out on the shelf while still adhering to familiar conventions.”

“The next challenge was to incorporate a design element that would be simple and subtle yet connect the brand with the lore of cricket. This involved extensive research, from understanding umpire signs in cricket to observing how runs are displayed on physical boards as well as digital screens,” he added. 

The asterisk discovery

Following research, Manoj Deb’s agency discovered the asterisk symbol, which is used to denote runs scored by a batter—a small but powerful symbol that represents the triumph of cricket being unstoppable and uninterrupted by opponents during a match.

“We knew immediately that this symbol was the perfect element to incorporate into our design. Our confidence in using this element grew even stronger when we realised that it not only symbolises cricket but also resembles a top-down view of people in an enclosed circle, clinking their beer bottles or glasses together symbolising the togetherness and connection this brand fosters.” 

After several iterations, inspiration struck: understanding that this brand would ignite conversations, we decided to encapsulate the name "Notout" within a dialogue box shape. 

Deb said, "Translating our sketch into digital pixels with these elements, we crafted the logo for our brand, resonating with carefree spirits revelling in their space, unbothered by external influences.”

Logo and typography

The bottle acts as an understated canvas, encapsulating the essence of "Notout" through nuanced imagery of the logo and carefully selected typography. A wavy pattern in the background hints at the immersive experience that consumers can anticipate. This design approach ensures that the packaging reflects the brand's identity.

The design of the bottle aims to mirror the smoothness of the beverage inside, while the use of muted colours and symbols discreetly alludes to the potency of the 15% ABV (alcohol by volume). This approach ensures that the packaging reflects the brand's identity.

Gill expressed, "Venacava Designs not only fully grasped the brief but also demonstrated impressive creativity in their presentation, showcasing the innovative idea of using the asterisk as a central branding element.”

He added, "Seeing all these options immersed us in the world of design, making it difficult to choose. Every option they presented was equally amazing in its own right, clearly reflecting the time and care invested in their craft."

Gill and his team eventually settled on a design that stood out for its strength and straightforwardness. "The chosen design provided a strong and clear brand identity that resonated effortlessly with our target audience. It also possessed a unique character that sets it apart in the market."

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