Super 7 ads of the week: Here’s a spotlight on ads with captivating narratives

This week, has curated work done by Neeman’s shoes, PokerBaazi, Dailyhunt, The Body Shop, Nautica, Ariel and Palmolive

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Delhi: An advertisement has many focal points and a narrative is often the Midas Touch that brands capitalise on. has curated a list of the top seven ad campaigns of the week.

This week, has curated work done by Neeman’s shoes, PokerBaazi, Dailyhunt, The Body Shop, Nautica, Ariel and Palmolive. 

1. Neeman's Shoes take after phones to "Eavesdrop to Engage"

The campaign features two animated micro influencers traversing across the country, adorned in Neeman's Shoes, surprising passersby and sparking curiosity with their loud enthusiastic question, "Are those Neeman's shoes?"

Micro influencers, partnered with Boomlet, have jumped on board.

2. PokerBaazi explores innate poker skills of people with ‘Tu Poker Khelta Hai Kya?'

The campaign aims to highlight how every Indian possesses innate Poker skills that are part of their day-to-day interactions and can be leveraged to become a Poker player.

Conveying the core message ‘Jo life mein khelta hai wo Poker bhi khel sakta hai’, the ads are filmed to capture how the protagonist (Kapoor) uses skills that are often used in Poker, like quick thinking, outsmarting the opponent, reading people, calculating on the go, acting under pressure and calling a bluff, during various real life situations which make people around him believe that he is a Poker player. 

3. Dailyhunt uses humour to convince Indians that #EveryVoteCounts

The digital campaign is aimed to remind citizens of the impact each ballot can have. With a blend of visuals and narration, it aimed to spark a sense of civic duty and responsibility. The campaign's creators, Bhavesh Kosambia and Rahul Chandwani, explained their inspiration: a tale of a politician's defeat by a single vote.

4. The Body Shop and Diana Penty celebrate mothers with British Rose range 

The film concept aims to capture the sentiment behind Mother's Day. It begins with Penty finding inspiration to craft a textured art piece, evoking memories of her mother delicately shaping a rose through her own artistic expression. As she works through the clay between her hands, memories of her mom's warm embrace and nurturing touch comes flooding back. 

‘Roses are for moms,’ she claimed, cherishing the warmth, softness, and bliss that can only resonate from a mother. 

5. Ayushmann Khurana delivers relaxed summer vibes with Nautica 

The 60 second digital ad film titled Adventure’s Spirit with Khurrana as the face of the brand showcases the new Spring collection set against the backdrop of a seascape. In the film, Khurrana is seen enjoying one of his adventurous escapades, finding solace in the open air, sailing carefree, socialising and enjoying the warmth of the sun. 

6. Ariel continues to #ShareTheLoad with new ‘Home Map’ app

HomeTeams #ShareTheLoad, aims to urge men to step up on their home duties to reduce the mental burden of household work on women when they are not at home. Furthermore, the brand believes men frequently phone their wives inquiring about the whereabouts of household items. 

Ariel has created Home Map- an app aimed to assist husbands in locating items within their homes. Just as men rely on maps to navigate unfamiliar places outdoors, Home Map enables them to locate items within their own homes. Ariel aims to leave the audience with the question: "Is this app truly necessary?"

7. Palmolive urges consumers to ‘savour the feeling’ amidst their rushed lives

In this campaign, Palmolive showcases its hero Aroma range comprising 5 variants, including the 3 newly launched variants —Absolute Relax, Morning Boost, Forever Happy, Sweet Delight, Alluring Love. Palmolive aimed to define an elevated category code with this campaign, using the contrast of the chaos of urban life intersecting with dreamy shower moments. Amidst the rushedness of city living, the protagonist finds a moment to slow down with the aromas of Palmolive body wash. Through the sensory journey of her shower experience, the brand aimed to encourage everyone to elevate their mornings with Palmolive.