Super 7 ads of the week: Ads that delivered memorable storylines

This week, has included work done by Goibibo, Orient Electric, 1% Club, iD Fresh, Bangur Cement, Sleepyhead, The Health Factory

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Delhi: Ads often take creative approaches to deliver more than just promotions. BestMediaInfo has curated a list of ads that have taken their Ad game, beyond just promotion with interesting storylines.  

This week, has included work done by Goibibo, Orient Electric, 1% Club, iD Fresh, Bangur Cement, Sleepyhead, The Health Factory. 

1. ‘Geet’ goes ‘Chillar Nahi Hai Mere Paas’ again, with Goibibo

The #Goibebo campaign integrates cues from the actor’s memorable roles and her name to the brand proposition. The first film gave voice to the main character energy of every Indian traveller with the famous ‘Poo’ from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham as the mouthpiece. The latest film goes one step further by recreating the ‘Hotel Decent’ scene from Jab We Met to highlight the ease of discovering great hotels at amazing locations through Goibibo.

2. MS Dhoni and Orient Electric time travel to unveil the future of fans

Set in a futuristic cityscape, the TVC kicks off with an aerial view of a packed cricket stadium. But this isn't a regular match - it's robots playing. The bowler's arm glows with anticipation as he gears up for a thrilling showdown, while the batsman effortlessly hits the ball. The ball zips through the air towards the stands, where a futuristic Dhoni, looking cool as ever in an older avatar, effortlessly catches it. Holding the ball, Dhoni muses, "Pata nahin cricket ka future kaisa hoga” and is transported to the present day, where Dhoni sits in his living room. At this moment, he says, “Par fans ka future…pata hai,” pointing to the Orient Aeroslim BLDC fan above.

The TVC uses the futuristic narrative to assert that the future of fans is already here. The TVC's detailed VFX aims to add depth to the futuristic narrative.

3. 1% Club's 'The Great Escape' sparks financial literacy and independence

The latest ad campaign from 1% Club, written and conceptualised by Bare Bones Collective, the campaign features digital stars Finance with Sharan and Viraj Ghelani. 

The brand film depicts the country's working population. 1% Club’s “The Great Escape" sees Sharan and Viraj in a familiar corporate office filled with unfamiliar twists. The duo play harrowed colleagues who unlock the secret of an exclusive club. What is this club’? How do we get in? The campaign leaves one with many such questions. 

4. iD Fresh strides with TransparenSee, seeking "Grandmother’s Approval"

In celebration of World Idli Day (March 30), the company welcomed five grandmothers from diverse backgrounds to its facilities. The matriarchs were given the valuable task of evaluating iD’s production process firsthand, and granting their seal of approval to the brand.

The grandmothers were requested to observe every aspect of iD Fresh's batter-making process, from the meticulous soaking and grinding stages to the final packaging of the batter. 

5. Sunny Deol, in his quintessential style, encourages people to vote in Bangur Cement ad

Bangur Cement unveiled a new multimedia campaign inspiring the citizens of the nation to exercise their right to vote. The campaign, 'Vote Solid, Desh Solid', aims to highlight the importance of each individual's vote in making the nation more solid. The campaign is a sequel to the previous brand launch campaign featuring Bollywood actor Sunny Deol. 

The key message of the campaign is you can help build a solid nation by exercising your right to vote. 

6. Ranveer Singh and a mattress save Mumbai in Sleepyhead 's latest film

In this film, viewers witness Singh's journey as he goes into the future and successfully steals the alien's secret superweapon, the Technic Grid Mattress, just in the nick of time. 

However, once Singh lands on the Technic mattress, he finds himself so comfortable and relaxed that he can't resist the urge to sleep. In a comical twist, Singh manages to steal the mattress just moments before the countdown ends, saving Mumbai from the aliens and stealing their secret weapon, the Technic Grid Mattress from the future.

7.  Wrapping or rapping? Uorfi Javed does both for The Health Factory bread

Partnering up with Javed, The Health Factory aims to captivate Gen Z and a broader audience through a social media reel. 

The reel ad aims to encourage viewers to choose healthier Original Zero Maida Bread over regular whole wheat or brown bread.