‘Har koi pee raha Lahori Zeera', propagates the brand's latest ad

The brand’s latest ad is conceptualised by Enormous. The music is composed by Abhishek Arora, composer of ‘Theher Jaa’ from the movie, ‘October’

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Har koi pee raha Lahori Zeera
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Delhi: Imagine a world where everyone is drinking the same drink while going on with their lives. Lahori Zeera made it possible in their latest ad, conceptualised by Enormous. The music is composed by Abhishek Arora, composer of ‘Theher Jaa’ from the movie, ‘October.’

The ad unveils various scenarios where all the characters are seen drinking Lahori Zeera while doing what they are doing. From a thief running away from police, the onlookers of this chase, the people in a salon, people in a boxing match, people shifting a couch inside a flat, people in an OT, in a massage place, during cricket, in a club, in a trial room, on a bus, and even in an administration office. 

The ad has garnered a lot of buzz on social media with netizens calling it ‘their mode of discovery’ of the brand while few opined that the ad did not show much to promote. 

Karthik, a communications strategy consultant, remarked on X, “The ad's narrative is an old trope of showing a lot of people being the product's users/customers. But it is the creative device that truly stands out by stretching advertising exaggeration to its limits and beyond, enough to make it truly preposterous and memorable!”

He further compared it with Tata Namak’s ad and said, “In context, when Tata Namak was trying to show that everyone and their uncle and aunty were singing the Tata Namak jingle, it felt out of place. Why? Because, every single person is not a decision-maker or buyer of salt, a mere ingredient. It is chosen and bought by a select few, while consumed by all in indirect form.”

Gabbar Singh, founder of Ginger Monkey, called it inadequate branding due to a lack of close-up shots and said, “After watching the entire ad, I don’t even know what it looks like. How will I spot it on a shelf? No close-up shots anywhere.”

Lakshmipathy Bhat, SVP- Global Marketing and Communications at Robosoft said, “The magic of advertising is to create affinity and bring a brand into consideration, right there - even when it is difficult to find a real product differentiator to anchor the ad. Nicely done. Great tagline too.”

One user commended it as a nice ad while others appreciated its tagline. A few shared their experiences of purchasing it and tasting it. 

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