Enamor captures femininity in day-to-day activities

Enamor has unveiled its latest collection through its campaign

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Enamor captures femininity in day-to-day activities

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Delhi: Enamor has unveiled its latest collection and campaign that catches women mid-movement in various activities such as aerial yoga and ballet.

Shekhar Tewari, CEO at Modenik Lifestyle, said, “As a brand that prides itself on innovation and adaptability, we constantly consider the pain points and demands of our consumers. We understand that different body types and various occasions or lifestyles require diverse products. Our consumers increasingly seek to blend exceptional functionality with aesthetics and style. With this in mind, we have created products that cater to these needs, delivering an exceptional brand experience.”

“The campaign itself comes from a basic human truth,” said Sandra Daniels, Head of Marketing - Women’s Category at Modenik Lifestyle. “Lingerie is an extremely personal and fundamental part of a woman’s life. Not only is it a product she uses every single day, but also an essential experience for her as a woman. And as something that is so intimate to her, she has the highest number of concerns when it comes to her lingerie. She wants to ensure that she is picking a piece that meets her everyday needs - be it the perfect fit, the perfect fabric or the perfect style. With the Innovations campaign, we have aimed to address these customer concerns - here is a product that is made using cutting-edge technology to bring ultimate comfort to your lingerie. Here is a product that has been made with much care to address consumer pain points, allowing you to feel free and comfortable to explore and experience your most fabulous self. And all with the objective of allowing you to have the best lingerie experience.”