Dailyhunt uses humour to convince Indians that #EveryVoteCounts

The campaign is conceptualised and executed by What’s Your Problem – A Wondrlab company

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Dailyhunt uses humour to convince Indians that #EveryVoteCounts

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Delhi: Dailyhunt, a news aggregator, has unveiled its latest election campaign, #EveryVoteCounts, aimed at encouraging citizens to vote. 

The digital campaign is aimed to remind citizens of the impact each ballot can have. With a blend of visuals and narration, it aimed to spark a sense of civic duty and responsibility. The campaign's creators, Bhavesh Kosambia and Rahul Chandwani, explained their inspiration: a tale of a politician's defeat by a single vote.

Samir Vora, Chief Marketing Officer, DailyHunt, said, “When a large number in our population feels that the outcome is a foregone conclusion, many can deem their one vote as inconsequential in the sea of 1.4 billion people. But as history has taught us, nothing in this vibrant democracy can ever be taken for granted and a single vote can turn the tables. We wanted to remind people that #EveryVoteCounts, and inspire them to go out and vote."

The campaign is conceptualised and executed by What’s Your Problem – A Wondrlab company.

Kosambia and Chandwani, Content Leads, Wondrlab, said, “We were very excited when we got this brief. It was a tough task to crack something different, something that’ll stand out in all the election noise. We researched and realised a rather interesting story, where a politician had the misfortune of losing by just a single vote. This inspired us to dramatize it. While it is a humorous tale, shot by design with dramatic and OTT acting, it delivers a serious message of how consequential every vote can be. An example of the world's biggest democracy at play and the power of the common man in it. We want this campaign to encourage people to go out and vote and are sure that it’ll travel and help in moving the needle.”


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