Clear Premium Water launches films for responsible waste management

The films aim to champion the cause of conscious living and responsible waste management

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Delhi: Clear Premium Water, a packaged water company, has announced the launch of a new series of three digital video commercials (DVCs) that aim to champion the cause of conscious living and responsible waste management.

The first digital video commercial (DVC) in the series, titled "Live Consciously, Choose Wisely," is set against the backdrop of a lively outdoor playground. The commercial depicts a group of energetic children immersing themselves in play before heading to a nearby store for refreshments. With playful visuals, the ad nudges viewers to choose healthier habits and choices from an early age. It aims to promote mindful consumption and highlights the significance of prioritising hydration over sugary drinks.

Nayan Shah, Founder and CEO of Clear Premium Water, stated, “At Clear Premium Water, we believe that every individual has the power to make a difference. Our new series of DVCs aims to inspire and empower people to live consciously, choose wisely, and act responsibly. Through these powerful narratives, we hope to encourage a collective movement towards a more sustainable world.”

The second digital video commercial (DVC), "#FakeSeFree: Embrace Authenticity," aims to be a call to action against counterfeit products. Set against a backdrop of deals and packaging, the ad sheds light on the deceitful nature of counterfeit goods while championing the authenticity of genuine products. 

The final digital video commercial (DVC), "Dispose Responsibly, Preserve Our Planet," aims to highlight the importance of responsible waste management in safeguarding the environment for future generations.