Super 7 ads of the week: Ads that left their creative aftertaste on screens

This week, BestMediaInfo has curated work done by Pulse candy, Hyundai Creta, World Gold Council, Myntra, LoveChild Masaba, Swiggy, Pidilite

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Super 7 ads of the week: Ads that left their creative aftertaste on screens

Ads are a brand’s way of leaving behind an impression on people’s minds. Through the years, the communication made in ads have evolved from being informative to entertaining. BestMediaInfo has curated a list of ads that have sustained the curiosity of their audience.

This week, our list includes work done by Pulse candy, Hyundai Creta, World Gold Council, Myntra, LoveChild Masaba, Swiggy, Pidilite.

1. Guarding candy with one’s life in DS Group’s Pass Pass Pulse film

Conceptualised by Wunderman Thompson (Delhi), this film aims to highlight the fact that people would do just anything to hide their favourite Pulse candy from others.

The storyline of the new TVC film by DS Group shows Shukla’s hand stuck in a jar. Everyone in the household tries every possible way to take his hand out, but all the efforts go in vain. An X-ray reveals that he is holding onto a Pulse candy hidden inside the jar and not taking his hand out intentionally to hide it from others.

2. World Gold Council encourages Gen-Z to shine bright with gold jewellery in ‘You are Gold’

World Gold Council has launched a new multimedia campaign, titled ‘You are Gold’, to reinvigorate the relationship of Gen-Z with gold in a meaningful way.

The campaign introduces a film that presents gold as an ally for the youth, both women and men. The film focuses on highlighting stories of individuals that  are getting past their doubts, insecurities and shining bright. It is an effort to empower and uplift millennials and Gen-Z by celebrating courage and perseverance amidst evolving perceptions, and placing modern gold jewellery as a powerful means of self-expression.

3. Myntra’s ‘Sneaker for Every Scene’ urges to change the game

‘Sneaker for Every Scene’ campaign includes a film based in three different settings, highlighting sneakers as essentials for every scene and giving individuals a sense of confidence to overcome any situation.

The Myntra Sneaker Club will also see the debut of an AR filter on Snapchat to explore and try-on the catalogue of sneakers available on Myntra and purchase them.

4. Hyundai Creta reunites SRK and Deepika Padukone

The trailer launch of Hyundai Creta featured Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, which aimed to create a buzz amongst enthusiasts. The ‘Jawaan’ duo filled many cinephile’s minds with nostalgia for the much loved pairing.

5. LoveChild Masaba teams up with Mumbai Indians for ‘Har Innings Mein Beautiful’

LoveChild Masaba has become the official partner for Mumbai Indians Women’s team with a campaign "Har Innings Mein Beautiful”

The campaign aims to celebrate the beauty of diversity, individuality, and authenticity. Drawing inspiration from the game of cricket, this campaign aims to celebrate the diverse beauty that unfolds with each passing phase of life, on and off the field.

The campaign involves Harmanpreet Kaur, Hayley Mathews and Yastika Bhatia.

6. Swiggy uses ‘Sharma Ji Ki Beti’ to inform about Swiggy Dineout

The campaign was conceptualised by Toaster India for Swiggy’s initiative to amplify its presence during the Great Indian Restaurant Festival (GIRF), one of the brand's flagship events of the year.

The campaign aims to present an opportunity to integrate Swiggy Dineout into the Indian dining lexicon. Beyond facilitating transactions, the campaign aspires to embed Swiggy Dineout into the fabric of the Indian dining-out ritual.

The creative narrative of the campaign draws inspiration from the Indian parental practice of comparing children, encapsulated in the colloquialism "Sharma Ji Ki Beti."

7. Pidilite’s ‘Naya Fevikwik Gel’ emphasises that mistakes can be rectified

Pidilite Industries, a manufacturer of adhesives, sealants, construction chemicals, and craftsmen products, announced the launch of a new campaign "Galti Sudharne ka Mauka De," for its latest variant Fevikwik Gel.

The film emphasises that small mistakes can be promptly rectified, highlighting the product's effectiveness in real-life situations.

The film opens with a handyman diligently affixing an 'M' (Male) signboard onto the door of an office washroom using Fevikwik Gel. As soon as the handyman affixes the board, a man hurries down the corridor towards the same washroom, clearly in urgent need. And as he reaches for the door handle, it swings open, and surprisingly a woman exits the washroom, creating a state of embarrassment. Sensing the mistake, in a swift motion, the handyman turns the 'M' upside down to a 'W’ and heaves a sigh of relief. The tagline appears: "Naya Fevikwik Gel. Galti sudharne ka mauka de.”

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