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Swiggy and Talented’s ‘Table for 2’ captures old school love of empty nesters

In the world of right swipes and ghosting, this film aims to focus on an old school love that has a track record of 40+ years of being together

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After  their V-day based film last year called ‘Wrong Address,’ Swiggy and Talented have again released a UI-based film ‘Table for 2’, but this time it is about two 60-something empty nesters, who find their love and their way back to each other, with a little help from Swiggy. In the world of right swipes and ghosting, this film aims to focus on an old school love that has a track record of 40+ years of being together.

Aparna Giridhar, VP, Marketing, Swiggy, said, “The trend of talking to the youngest lot for Valentine’s day isn’t new. And since a few years, supporting singles during V Day has emerged as a theme. But we know there is a rise in people using Swiggy for their parents, and teaching their parents how to use it, in their absence. Convenience is a universal need. More so for this specific cohort. And so, Swiggy’s role in their life feels like the newest but the most necessary addition. And while the product story is about convenience, the product truth story is about bringing joy to love stories, no matter what age.”

Malvika Thirani, Creative at Talented and the writer of Table For 2, said, “Writing this film, of all things, has been cathartic. My maternal and paternal grandparents lost their respective partners very early on, so I never got to see the shapes and forms geriatric love can take. Had they been here, I believe this would be it – love residing not in grand gestures but in ordering an audaciously simple vegetable chopper.”

Neil Mathew, Producer, Talented, added, “There’s enough research on how adopting a pet has a positive impact on the mood and well-being of empty nesters. And so, the film's ending isn’t a radical one, but a believable one. While there’s so much all of us have borrowed from our own family experiences for this, Pooja Manek and Prashant Gopalakrishnan from our team have also played the role of regional reps to make sure the story is authentic culturally too.”

Rohan and Sanjana, the director duo of Table For 2, said, “The love that Wrong Address received last year set the tone for this year’s love story. We knew that no matter who the protagonists are, ‘feels’ have to be our main character. Getting to further this IP with a senior story felt like just the right next step. Biggest props to our animator, Vaishnav Menon who only bettered the project with his insights. Our parents approved the film before the brand did, which says a lot about craft that's crafted with care.”


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