Super 7 ads of the week: Spotlight on the ads that left an impression on us

This week, BestMediaInfo has curated work done by adidas, 82°E, Bold Care, PVR Inox, Spaces, Future Generali India Life Insurance and BigBasket

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Super 7 ads of the week: Spotlight on the ads that left an impression on us

Advertisements have the power to evoke a myriad of emotions in its short duration. Inspired, calmed, informed, and amused - these are all the emotions we felt watching the ads on our list of Super 7 ads of the week.

This week, BestMediaInfo has curated work done by adidas, 82°E, Bold Care, Spaces, PVR Inox, Future Generali India Life Insurance and BigBasket.

1. adidas’ reminds to get back up because ‘You Got This’

Getting back up is made easy with adidas’ latest campaign that united sporting icons from across the world. Navigating through negative pressure and achieving all possibilities is the message the ad drives home in its black and white meets colour format. 

The film features Pat Mahomes, Trinity Rodman, Lionel Messi, Linda Caicedo, Jude Bellingham, Anthony Edwards, Rohit Sharma, and the New Zealand Rugby All Blacks.

It is set against the anthem, ‘Under Pressure’ by Queen ft. David Bowie. The 90-second film climaxes with a tribute to adidas’ roster during some of their  sporting moments.

2. 82°E believes self care is made of simple acts, like skin care

Wash, play, drive, wake up and repeat: life is simple and in 82°E, one gets to see why! This ad film promotes Deepika Padukone and Jigar Shah’s self-care brand, 82°E men’s skincare line, 82°E Man.

The ad film, conceived and executed by Tilt Brand Solutions, in association with design studio Sharpener, is built around the idea that self-care is made of simple acts - one of them is skincare.

3. Bold Care: the one where Ranveer Singh meets Johnny Sins

Diving into a multiverse of madness, Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins’ crossover for Bold Care took the internet by storm.

#TakeBoldCareOfHer spins a parody around the traditional saas-bahu drama, hinting at providing a solution for male’s performance in bed.

Conceptualised by Moonshot, and written by Tanmay Bhatt and Devaiah Boppana, the ad generated mixed reactions from the audiences.

4. PVR Inox’s ‘Bada Dekho, Saath Dekho’ reminds the magic of movie theatres

Watching movies together as a love language? PVR Inox’s campaign does just that. Showcasing theatres as the junction of friendship, romance and community building,  it believes movies create a simulated family for three hours within the confines of the theatre.

The video-centric campaign, conceptualised by Tree Design and produced by SGP Films, has actor Pankaj Tripathi putting forward the underlying thought ‘Akele Mein Toh Bass Timepass Hota Hai, Film Dekhne Ka Mazaa Toh Sab Ke Saath Hi Aata Hai’ translating to, ‘Watching a film alone amounts to just whiling away time; the real joy of watching a movie is together, in the theatre.’

5. Spaces addresses ‘mattress stress’ and different sleep preferences

Addressing the discomfort that different sleep preferences bring, Spaces with celebrity couple Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi, launched a campaign.

The couple share their contrasting sleep preferences - Dhupia favours a soft, plush mattress, while Bedi chooses a firmer one. The banter highlights the common challenge couples face with mismatched mattress preferences, often leading to one partner sacrificing their sleep for the other.

6. Future Generali India Life Insurance informed about smart tax savings

Taking the informative route, Future Generali India Life Insurance Company (FGILI) launched a series of digital films as part of its Tax Saving Campaign, aligning with the hashtag #TaxBachaoWithFGILI.

Drawing contrasts between running out of hair gel and tax saving, and a thief informing the importance of tax savings, the campaign’s films pick the entertaining way to inform.

The films weave the concept of tax planning into unexpected scenarios, featuring the overarching message: “Bachao bachao, Future Generali ke saath tax bachao”.

7. BigBasket’s silent film invokes feelings of love with ‘Saadgi’

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, BigBasket launched a silent film, ‘Saadgi’, to serve as a poignant reminder that life is fleeting, urging viewers to cherish the simple, everyday moments that add depth and richness to our existence.

The silent film is produced by Humour Me. The narrative follows the couple from their early days of making breakfast together, sharing a cup of tea, to nurturing a plant that grows alongside their love. The wife compiles a daily list of essentials, slipping it into her husband's pocket. The brand believes that these seemingly mundane activities become the building blocks of a life filled with love, connection, and shared moments.

The story takes a turn as the wife passes away, leaving behind memories and a profound message. The film concludes with the tagline, ‘We'll deliver the essentials, you deliver the love.’

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