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Super 7 ads of the week: Ads that were relatable, quirky and eye-catching

This week, BestMediaInfo has curated work done by Timex, Swiggy, Henry Harvin Education, AbhiBus, Reliance Jewels, Samosa Singh and Usha

Sometimes, advertisements can make a deep impact on the psyche and have immense power to influence the public. BestMediaInfo has chosen seven ads that caught our eye and stayed in our minds for a while.

This week, the list includes work done by Timex, Swiggy, Henry Harvin Education, AbhiBus, Reliance Jewels, Samosa Singh and Usha.

1. Timex

Timex’s ‘Waste More Time’ campaign aims to encourage people to shift their mindset away from the hustle and embrace the slow and inspire to examine the amount of time dedicated to discovering oneself’s truest passions.

The new campaign edition has actress Ananya Pandey sharing a joyful moment and wasting time by whispering sweet nothings to her green squad, her plants.


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2. Swiggy

Recently, two Delhi-based restaurant chains, Moti Mahal and Daryaganj, have been fighting for the ownership of the iconic butter chicken at The Delhi High Court. Amidst the ongoing dispute, Swiggy, the food delivery app, decided to make the situation a bit funnier by putting up funny signs around the city and reminding the public that whichever restaurant wins, butter chicken will always belong to the people.

Placed at a key location in Delhi, at Sunder Nagar, Mathura Road, the hoarding displays, “No matter who gets the right to own it, you own the right to order it,” inviting people to make the most of the situation by ordering the dish via Swiggy. 

The advertisement found its way to many Instagram stories, where it was applauded for its creativity and relevance. One user wrote, “Some people have soulmates, I have butter chicken. Meeting my soulmate from Swiggy in a few moments now.”

3. Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin Education, an ed-tech platform dealing with upskilling and reskilling programs for young professionals has collaborated with author Chetan Bhagat for its latest ad campaign titled "#StuckAtTheWrongJob." The campaign combines Bhagat's humour with the message of finding one's passion through education and skill development.

The centrepiece of the campaign is a video featuring a couple rushing into a police station to report the "theft" of their son. The narrative unfolds with Bhagat playing the role of an imaginative and witty police officer, who transforms the act of filing a complaint into a story. The stolen item, in this case, is not a physical possession but a misdirected career path.

Henry Harvin's ad campaign, spearheaded by Chetan Bhagat, aims to inspire individuals to pursue their passions and break free from career constraints.

4. AbhiBus

The witty series of four ads showcases the ease and convenience of planning spontaneous journeys through the AbhiBus app, for even the most whimsical or unconventional travel aspirations.

In the first ad titled "Moksha," two adventurous friends encounter a hitchhiking ghost seeking salvation. Their spontaneous journey, facilitated by AbhiBus, lands them in Goa, where they find themselves partying alongside their ethereal guest, proving that celestial desires can indeed be fulfilled at a moment's notice.

The third ad "Kathor Tapasya" presents a meditating sage's singular craving for Biryani, as the app assists in the sage's gastronomic quest to Biryani Land, demonstrating seamless travel even for ancient sages.

5. Reliance Jewels

 “Not better half but your stronger half” campaign recognises women’s strength. more often than not women as better halves are more mature, forgiving, affectionate, courageous and practical and more stronger than men. The brand aims to redefine love, relationships and the power dynamics between a couple, in today’s times where equal sharing of responsibility and resources is the norm.

The campaign titled ‘Not better half but your stronger half’, aims to recognise how women as better halves are not just your partner but an equal force of unwavering support and resilience.

The campaign conceptualised by Scarecrow M&C Saatchi tells the story of 2 different couples through candid moments. One of the films showcases how a husband excitedly packing for a jungle safari gets scared at the mere sight of a lizard. While in the other, the husband is mortified by the nocturnal eerie sounds he hears in his dimly lit home while lighting a candle for an intimate dinner. To this the wives mock their men by calling them “Fattu” (a hindi slang for one who is timid).

6. Samosa Singh

The film aims to capture the spirit of delectable samosas via a light-hearted, and funny narrative. The campaign aims not only to make the audience laugh, but also leave a lasting taste and impression, underlining the brand’s dedication to offer delight with crispy, savoury samosa.


 In Usha’s new campaign, the brand’s Domestic Industrial Sewing Machine aids Tailor Masterji and his assistant navigate the whims of an insatiable customer with elan. 

A young girl is excitedly asking for multiple style elements she would like incorporated into the two outfits she wants tailored for a party in “four days”. “Will the outfits be ready on time?,” she wants to know. “Ho jaayega,” says masterji, secure in the knowledge that they have the Usha Sewing Machine.

The TVC is shot by Illusionist Films, Mumbai.


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