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Skoda Auto India builds road out of plastic in their “Responsible Exploration”

The campaign used plastic waste to help lay a 2.5 km road in Kolavadai district

Skoda Auto India and PHD Media have launched a campaign that aims to bring together explorers and sustainability seekers to pave the way for rural development, new opportunities and a bright future for the residents of rural Kolavadai in Maharashtra. 

The brand aims to encourage them to collect single-use plastic waste found during explorations of the country, and deposit collections at the nearest Skoda Auto India dealership. 

By partnering with the Public Welfare Department and NGO, Keshav Sita Trust, the brand turned waste into a force for good, recycling and repurposing it into construction bricks – designed for the benefit of rural and remote communities in India.

The campaign used plastic waste to help lay a 2.5 km road in Kolavadai district.

The team at Skoda India, said, “Skoda’s commitment to sustainability goes hand in hand with our passion for exploration. Responsible Exploration is a manifestation of this ethos. By engaging our customers in this transformative journey, we’re steering towards a brighter, more responsible future – one where every adventure leaves a positive mark on the world.”

PHD Media’s strategy was supported by Omnicom Group’s Content Practice.

Speaking of the campaign, Monaz Todywalla, CEO of PHD India, said, “With this unique, purpose-led initiative, Skoda India thoughtfully positions itself as a catalyst in reshaping the landscape of societal responsibility and environmental stewardship. Supported by strong, emotive storytelling that’s seated in PHD’s quintessential audience approach offered us the opportunity to leverage our expertise remarkably and ignite action towards a more sustainable future.”

Adding to this, Shailja Saraswati, Chief Content Officer at Omnicom Media Group India, said, “Reinforcing Skoda India's dedication to sustainable practices that go beyond the realm of automotive excellence, the campaign stands as a testament to the power of purposeful narratives in this evolving landscape of content. We are proud to help bring this story to life - one that goes beyond the conventions of marketing; to profoundly deliver a message that resonates strongly with the audience.”


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