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Fortune Foods encourages “Ghar Ka Khana” to be your ‘Language of Love’

The company’s Valentine’s Day campaign is set on the belief that every meal is an opportunity for meaningful conversation

Fortune Foods has launched its ‘Language of Love’ campaign. The brand believes that in today’s fast-paced society, virtual chats and social media often take precedence over in-person conversations. Even during meals, couples frequently find themselves immersed in the digital world, missing the chance to connect with each other at a deeper level.

The company aims to address this modern disconnect on Valentine’s Day.

‘Language of Love’ is focussed on the brand’s belief that every meal is an opportunity to rediscover and celebrate meaningful connections through the universal language of love: food.

Through a series of ad films, the brand aims to encourage couples to set aside their digital distractions, share a home-cooked meal, and let the act of savouring these moments strengthen their bonds.

Fortune is also launching an influencer and UGC campaign to urge audiences to share their

“Language of Love” asking them to share their small meaningful gestures in everyday life

for their partners.


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