Tata Tiscon leverages digital innovation to extend reach of 'Samajhdar Bane, Behatar Chune' campaign

Using GroupM Nexus and Mindshare's industry-first innovation Multi DSP- Copilot AI and DCM, the "Samajhdar Bane, Behatar Chune," campaign is currently driving a lift of 5x in CTRs

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Tata Tiscon leverages digital innovation to extend reach of 'Samajhdar Bane, Behatar Chune' campaign

In the process of building dream homes, consumers dedicate considerable time to choosing home designs and interior aesthetics, leaving the decision about procuring construction materials largely in the hands of contractors. Additionally, the technical aspects of this category are not easily comprehensible to the average person, resulting in purchases being driven more by peripheral advantages rather than the actual merits of the products.

In response to this challenge, Tata Tiscon, the TMT rebar brand in India under Tata Steel, has launched a new campaign. The ad films are conceptualised and created by Wunderman Thompson India, now part of VML. Centred around their latest offering, the 550SD rebars, this campaign comprises three television commercials.

The three films:


The underlying message of the campaign is that by delving deeper into the details, one can discover that Tata Tiscon 550SD stands out as a significantly superior TMT rebar.

In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, Tata Tiscon strategically harnessed the power of industry-first innovation to target audiences at scale on digital.

An industry-first multi-platform de-duplicated unique reach and frequency solution has been strategised across top OTTs in India including digital news platforms for Tata Tiscon.


While using 20-second non-skippable ads, the campaign currently active is outperforming with approximately 10% higher Completion Rate and CTR against industry standards while delivering a (87.8%) deduplicated Unique Reach across India.


Nexus team activated an Artificial Intelligence powered YouTube campaign through Copilot (Nexus’ Proprietary AI Solution) which is currently delivering 12% better View Through Rate and further delivering a 50%+ efficiency in planned CPVs.

This first-in-industry innovation uses a more holistic audience by combining targeting capabilities from various DSPs and 3rd party data partners. Multi DSP- Copilot manages budget and spending across DSPs and inventory channels.

Copilot’s benefits:

Maximise Performance:

Copilot streamlines the client’s investment decisions and allows the AI to automatically shift budgets to the best-performing buying platforms.

Gain control:

Besides, it helps consolidate cross-platform activations and set unified campaign settings across all buying platforms through one interface.

Harness more Data and Inventory:

Copilot enables the brand to leverage multiple channel offerings and unique audience data from all connected buying platforms to drive your business goals.


Using this innovation, Mindshare and GroupM Nexus executed the campaign across India’s major OTTs, entertainment websites and news platforms targeting individual homebuilder consumers.

Nexus Programmatic Team planned a DV360 + Trade Desk campaign with 2nd and 3rd Party Audiences combined with Custom Intent Keywords Targeting Copilot AI, which is being plugged in to manage the campaign seamlessly with server-to-server integration across both the DSPs with Budget and Optimization control.

Another challenge that brands and agencies face is tracking the consumer in its purchase journey in an era where the targetted consumer can be scrolling through, and watching content anywhere in the sea of digital content platforms.

Tata Tiscon wanted to further drive traffic to their Direct-to-Consumer Page for Aashiyana- An online home-building platform. Mindshare along with Nexus Programmatic Team thus came up with an API-enabled Weather-based Dynamic data-led creative first strategy to ensure the delivery of relevant and personalised ads to consumers across India.

The campaign is currently driving a lift of 5x in CTRs. With Weekends currently recording the highest clicks, the brand has been able to deliver weather-relevant ads for Sunny, Rainy, Cloudy and Cold Weather across targeted Geos.

The brand and GroupM are using Doubleclick Campaign Manager (DCM), which has been rebranded as "Campaign Manager." It is an ad management and trafficking platform that allows advertisers, agencies, and publishers to manage and track their digital advertising campaigns across various channels and formats.

DCM provides tools to create, manage, and track various types of digital advertising campaigns, including display ads, video ads, mobile ads, and more. The tracking aspect of DCM involves monitoring the performance and effectiveness of these campaigns in terms of metrics like impressions, clicks, conversions, and other engagement or conversion-related data.

Using DCM, the brand garnered 12.2 crore large banner impressions, and 6.1 lakh large banner clicks on news. 2.8 crore video views were delivered to the audience, 9 crore impressions were served and 4.4 lakh clicks through programmatic.                   

The brand awareness was recorded at 21 crore with the website traffic crossing 11 lakh. On the OTT platforms, the campaign fetched 1.7 crore reach overall. On YouTube, it reached 1.4 crore people. The campaign's static displays across websites got 4 crore overall impressions with the website traffic crossing 1.3 lakh. 

Using augmented reality, the brand got 2 crore overall impressions and 2 lakh website traffic. Overall the brand earned 12 crore impressions and 6.2 lakh clicks.

Tata Tiscon digital innovation Samajhdar Bane Behatar Chune' campaign