Interbrand unveils logo for JSW Defence

The new logo encapsulates the essence of JSW Defence, symbolising strength, innovation, and a forward-looking approach to security solutions

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Interbrand unveils logo for JSW Defence

Interbrand has unveiled a logo for JSW Group's latest venture, JSW Defence.

This initiative marks JSW  Group's strategic entry into the defence manufacturing sector, solidifying its presence by acquiring a controlling stake in Gecko Motors, a distinguished off-road vehicle company.

The newly revealed logo, meticulously crafted by Interbrand,  encapsulates the essence of JSW Defence, symbolising strength, innovation, and a forward-looking approach to security solutions.

Parth Jindal, Managing Director,  JSW Cements, JSW Paints and JSW Sports, said, "As we witness India's defence budget reaching unprecedented heights, currently standing at $73.8 billion and projected to surge to $200 billion by 2030, JSW Group recognises a monumental opportunity within the capital outlay segment. As a key  player in India's manufacturing landscape, we consider it both our duty and a substantial market  prospect to 'Make in India for India and the World.' The unveiling of our new logo, crafted in collaboration with Interbrand, signifies our unwavering commitment to pioneering cutting-edge defence solutions.”

Jindal further added, “This emblem is a testament to the robust partnership forged with Gecko Motors and underscores JSW Defence's dedicated pursuit of enhancing national security through the development of state-of-the-art products. This collaboration with Interbrand has played a pivotal  role in creating a visual identity that harmonizes seamlessly with our vision, further solidifying our  position in the dynamic landscape of defence manufacturing." Thematically, the new Brand is committed to Partnering the Soldier. JSW Defence’s pledge to being there for the forces stems from this relationship we honour most. We go out of the way, make it personal, get out there to understand the challenges better, stay at the forefront of technological advancements to serve the soldier. For India and the world”

Ashish Mishra, CEO, Interbrand, India and South Asia, said, "It has been an absolute privilege to partner with JSW Group and work with Parth on this special foray. Our goal was to create a visual identity that not only captures the essence of JSW but marks a specialism.  The symbol of JSW was used as an inspiration to create the specialism for the much higher levels of technology and criticality the Defence Brand represented. The ‘Trident’ logo we've developed is a  symbol of a vibrant local defence ecosystem that could support, domestic demands and export for air, water, and land. As a feel, we believed that the symbol for the powerful defence brand itself needed to be very weapon-like. Therefore, the Trident inspired symbol mimics a chakra made with the JSW swoosh. Furthermore, we created the name and identity for the first offering – ATOR, the  Advanced Tactical Off Roader from JSW Defence, while maintaining the powerful weapon-like verbal and visual feels.

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