H&M removes ad amid backlash for sexualising kids

The brand issued an apology and expressed that the campaign had launched only in Australia

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H&M removes ad amid backlash for sexualising kids

On Tuesday, Swedish fashion brand H&M pulled out its advertisement on X, hours after netizens slammed it for being ‘inappropriate’ and for ‘sexualising kids.’

It all started when the brand released a poster featuring two young girls in school uniform with a caption that read, “Make those heads turn in H&M's Back to School fashion.”

Melinda TankardReist, an author, asked the company about its intention behind the advertisement. “What is your intention with this sponsored Facebook ad? Little schoolgirls generally don’t want to “turn heads"," she wrote on X.

“The large numbers I engage with in schools want to be left alone to learn and have fun and not draw unwanted attention to their appearance," she added.

Linda Ashok, a journalist, tweeted, raising three questions regarding H&M's team in response to the banned ad accused of  "sexualisation of children."

Further comments followed with users calling the caption “highly inappropriate and insensitive and pretty tone deaf.”

Another user commented, “Brands should prioritise responsible advertising, especially when it involves children."

The fashion giant responded in a tweet with an apology and said, “We have removed this ad. We are deeply sorry for the offence this has caused and we are looking into how we present campaigns going forward.”

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