Top 7 commercials that grabbed our attention this week

This week, has curated work done by Whistle, Bisleri, Manyavar, HDFC Life, ACwO, Iodex and Bisk Farm

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Top 7 commercials that grabbed our attention this week

From ingenious storytelling to impactful visuals, certain ads have left a lasting impression. Recognising the power of such campaigns, has curated a list of the top seven ad campaigns of the week.

This week, has curated work done by, Whistle, Bisleri, Manyavar, HDFC Life, ACwO, Iodex and Bisk Farm


Whistle, the cosmetic dentistry brand, in partnership with Clove, the dental chain, ventured into the domain of invisible aligners this September. In a sea of sameness, where every brand prioritises functionality and the quest for a perfect smile, Whistle injected a touch of humour into its campaign, offering a unique and refreshing communication style within the category.

Drawing from consumer insights and interviews, Whistle discovered that young adults, navigating a world obsessed with glamour and first impressions, often feel embarrassed by their imperfections. Wieden+Kennedy India responded to this insight by creating a film that addresses how Whistle can assist in addressing teeth imperfections, which often result in embarrassment and a dent in confidence. The narrative revolves around an individual striving to navigate daily tasks but facing challenges due to this unique issue.


Manyavar announced its entry into the vibrant tapestry of South India with the introduction of Vivaham Collection - Panchakacham and Veshti. To commemorate this launch, Manyavar has unveiled a campaign film under the banner of #TaiyaarHokarAiye, tailored for the South Indian audience. This film showcases the grace and elegance of brand ambassador Ram Charan, dressed in the Panchakacham for his wedding ceremony and the actor Sobhita Dhulipala who takes centre stage as they portray a joyous couple, bringing the enchantment of the wedding to life.


Bisleri has roped in Deepika Padukone as its first-ever global brand ambassador in the new campaign Bisleri #DrinkItUp. The ad film showcases Padukone grooving to a snappy and modern take on the song ‘Jhoom Jhoom Jhoom Baba’ while relishing the pure refreshment of the original beverage, 'water.' The campaign has been shot by Nirvana Films and directed by director Prakash Verma while Bisleri’s association with Deepika Padukone was managed by Wavemaker and GroupM ESP.


HDFC Life has unveiled a new campaign ‘Kal Ka Reality Check’. Conceptualised by Schbang, HDFC Life encourages individuals to retire on their terms by promoting early planning for a future characterised by financial freedom

In the first film, 'Retail Reality’ participants are confronted with dual price tags on everyday goods, revealing the stark contrast between current and future costs. HDFC Life representatives intervene, stressing the crucial need for proactive financial planning, particularly for retirement. The film concludes as participants choose HDFC Life's insurance policies, solidifying the message of preparing for future expenses.

In the second film, titled ‘Painting the Future’, participants vividly visualise their dream retirements through generative AI, only to be startled as the actual cost falls short. This eye-opening experience underscores the pivotal role of early retirement planning with HDFC Life, leaving a lasting impact on their financial foresight.


ACwO, a  D2C audio brand, has announced the launch of India’s first dual-sharing wireless TWS enabled with wireless charging, DwOTS Fire.

With DwOTS Fire, ACwO promotes versatility, togetherness, and shared experiences through sound, a device that resonates with the ad campaign 'Share the Bud, Share the Love.’ The campaign features National Football Team captain and brand ambassador Sunil Chhetri.

The emotive ad film featuring Chhetri showcases the product's unique proposition while emphasising TWS's ability to connect people through shared audio experiences.


Iodex has launched its new advanced product, 'Iodex UltraGel+’ with 2% Diclofenac emulgel. Indian cricketer Rishabh Pant has been chosen as the brand ambassador for this new launch, which was announced via a brand film ‘Ab Dard Se Din Bhar Aaram’.

The launch campaign for Iodex UltraGel+ takes one through the rigorous journey Pant is on to make his comeback. As the Indian cricketer meticulously trains to bounce back with every rep, his determination is supported by Iodex UltraGel+. The new offering with double power and all-day pain relief, empowers Pant to focus on his journey with Iodex Ultragel+ as an ally along the way.

Bisk Farm

Bisk Farm has also unveiled an exciting 360-degree campaign celebrating the perfect pairing of Ruskit's satisfying crunch with Mandanna's versatility and playful charm.

The campaign introduces Mandanna as the protagonist named Meena Bhai—a feared don terrorising a busy market. The campaign takes viewers on a hilarious journey as Meena Bhai reveals the magic in every cup with #TheresNoTeaWithoutRuskit. The tagline perfectly captures the essence of the campaign, highlighting how Ruskit's irresistible flavours and satisfying crunch are the essential missing pieces to a perfect cup of chai.

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