Tgthr brings #DontCareToShare campaign for BGMI X-Suit Carnival

In the series' first film, Jonathan takes centre stage as he prepares to face off against invading aliens, motivated by his desire to obtain BGMI's coveted X-Suits

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Tgthr brings #DontCareToShare campaign for BGMI X-Suit Carnival

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In a bold departure from the conventional engagement of influencers to promote products, tgthr has unveiled the #DontCareToShare campaign for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), India’s most loved battle royale title’s X-Suit Carnival.

Most brands use influencers to sell their products. But this is common and regular. So, BGMI and tgthr, for the launch of the X-Suit Carnival, decided to do the opposite. They used influencers like Jonathan and Dynamo to hide the X-Suits so they remain exclusive to the top players.

In the series' first film, Jonathan takes centre stage as he prepares to face off against invading aliens, motivated by his desire to obtain BGMI’s coveted X-Suits. As tension builds, Jonathan disrupts the shoot with hilarious antics, shouting "Shoot cancel!" at every opportunity.

The second film features Dynamo in an epic battle scene for the X-Suit, only to be interrupted by a call from his mom. Dynamo further adds to the chaos by throwing tantrums and threatening to walk away, setting off a laughter riot. The unexpected twist comes at the film's conclusion, revealing that Jonathan and Dynamo's disruptive behaviour was a clever strategy to retain the X-Suits for themselves. This campaign casts influencers in a new light and reveals a disruptive behind-the-camera narrative style.

Srinjoy Das, Associate Director of Marketing, Krafton India, said, “The X-Suits are stunning works of digital art in BGMI. One simple search on YouTube and you can see the incredible sense of exclusivity this brings to its owners. That’s it, that sense of exclusivity was the brief of this film, and we arrived at a super funny script, and with 135 million views on Instagram as we speak, we are delighted to see BGMI fans love and share them.”

Aalap Desai, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, tgthr, said, “tgthr believes in maximum impact, a force multiplier. And that can only happen when you put out there a piece of advertising that topples the norm. For me, this campaign is just that. This approach was the weirdest and the bravest of all the ones we proposed to BGMI. We are so glad that the BGMI team stayed true to their brief of being different and clutter-breaking and chose this approach, which was brave but impactful. It was just so much fun to execute every part of this campaign’s funnel, from films to social posts.”

Arjuna Gaur, Director for tgthr Films said, "Aliens, space crafts, pre-historic man, and medieval armies. It’s not every day one gets unhinged scripts like this. Every detail was crafted with love, and we used minimal VFX in both films. If you see a UFO burning in the Jungle, then there really was a UFO burning in the jungle. All in all, it was a wonderful experience working with BGMI and tgthr.”

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