Super 7 ads of the week: Here's a spotlight on this week's ads that grabbed our eyeballs

This week, has curated work done by Tgthr, Audible, Perfora, CaratLane, American Tourister, Roposo and Clensta

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Super 7 ads of the week:  Here's a spotlight on this week's ads that grabbed our eyeballs

In the ever-evolving landscape of advertising, certain campaigns rise above the rest, leaving a lasting impact on audiences. Recognising the power of such campaigns, has curated a list of the top seven ad campaigns of the week.

This week, has curated work done by Tgthr, Audible, Perfora, CaratLane, American Tourister, Roposo and Clensta.

1. Tgthr campaign

tgthr has unveiled the #DontCareToShare campaign for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), India’s battle royale title’s X-Suit Carnival. Most brands use influencers to sell their products. But this is common and regular. So, BGMI and tgthr, for the launch of the X-Suit Carnival, decided to do the opposite. They used influencers like Jonathan and Dynamo to hide the X-Suits so they remain exclusive to the top players.

In the first film, Jonathan takes centre stage as he prepares to face off against invading aliens, motivated by his desire to obtain BGMI’s coveted X-Suits. As tension builds, Jonathan disrupts the shoot with hilarious antics, shouting "Shoot cancel!" at every opportunity.

The second film features Dynamo in an epic battle scene for the X-Suit, only to be interrupted by a call from his mom. Dynamo further adds to the chaos by throwing tantrums and threatening to walk away, setting off a laughter riot. The unexpected twist comes at the film's conclusion, revealing that Jonathan and Dynamo's disruptive behaviour was a clever strategy to retain the X-Suits for themselves. This campaign casts influencers in a new light and reveals a disruptive behind-the-camera narrative style.

2. Audible campaign

Audible has announced the launch of its latest brand campaign ‘Sunke Toh Dekho’ in India.

The campaign aspires to show the audience how Audible can be weaved into their lives seamlessly, especially during those moments through the day when their hands are busy but their minds are free. The campaign consists of three brand films, conceptualised and produced by Supari Studios, each featuring actor Kareena Kapoor Khan, Chetan Bhagat, and Amish Tripathi, respectively.

The films paint three distinct and vivid scenarios of how the service integrates into the daily lives of listeners. In each film, Khan, Bhagat, and Tripathi respectively interact with people in relatable situations— a metro ride, a traffic jam, and a gym session, urging them to stop “wasting time” and embrace the opportunity to reflect and explore the audio universe, away from screens, allowing listeners to gain knowledge during everyday tasks.

3. Perfora campaign

Perfora has unveiled its latest campaign featuring actor Jim Sarbh, who imparts valuable wisdom and insights on oral care.

In the campaign, Sarbh collaborates with Perfora to emphasise the significance of oral hygiene. The campaign spotlights Sarbh's insightful discourse on the significance of oral care while shedding light on the harmful effects of toxic ingredients in conventional products.

The campaign featuring Sarbh aims to educate and inspire individuals to prioritise oral care without compromising on ingredients' quality.

4. CaratLane campaign

BBH India has unveiled the "Everyday Vows" campaign for CaratLane.

Conceptualised and executed by BBH India, the campaign idea stems from the brand’s mission to encourage people to #KhulKeKaroExpress and aims to redefine the significance of Mangalsutras in a modern woman's married life.

The ‘Everyday Vows’ campaign emphasises that modern women view Mangalsutras as an expression of love, celebrating all the special yet seemingly ordinary moments in a couple's routine life. Since Mangalsutras have become an integral part of a woman's everyday jewellery collection, one traditional design is no longer sufficient. Women are now opting for multiple intricate diamond designs that seamlessly complement their daily outfits.

5. American Tourister campaign

American Tourister India has launched a new campaign showcasing futuristic design innovation in luggage. Conceptualised by Makani Creatives, the campaign harnesses the power of CGI and tells a story inspired by the award-winning design innovation of the new American Tourister Rollio Bags.

Featuring Ananya Panday, the brand has created an enchanting world where each piece of American Tourister bag becomes a portal to extraordinary experiences. In the film, the audience immerses into the RollioVerse by following the journey of Panday. In this landscape, she is surrounded by captivating landmarks, and unforgettable experiences, heightening every emotion and sensation that is encountered while exploring with a Rollio bag.


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6. Roposo campaign

Roposo has unveiled its new brand campaign ‘Feel the Vibe’.

The campaign looks to bring the platform’s core proposition of ‘shopatainment’ to life, embracing the consumers’ need for self-expression, being on top of what’s trending, and celebrating their individuality.

The ‘Feel The Vibe’ campaign encapsulates the essence of Roposo through a brand film titled ‘Pretend Nahi, Trend Karo’. The video demonstrates how its target demographic, Gen-Z who tend to operate with a sense of Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), can be updated with the latest trends on the platform. It emanates from a deep understanding of the consumer’s desire to be seen and heard, stand out from the crowd, and most importantly, to never miss out on what's hot and what's not.

7. Clensta campaign

Personal care brand Clensta has unveiled its new campaign #TheBetterWay along with its partner and investor Parineeti Chopra. The campaign urges consumers to refrain from becoming creatures of habit and to keep evolving from making ‘good’ to ‘better’ living choices.

In a 30-second video, Chopra talks to viewers about how she always chooses the ‘better’ option over the ‘good’ option when she is making the littlest of decisions every single day - “Black is good, but White is better. Pear is good, but Apple is better. Personal care products are good but Clensta products are Better”, she says in her video. Fans of the actor have tapped on to this trend and have started engaging with the reel sharing their 'X is Good, Y is Better' versions.

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