Spotlight on top 7 ads that grabbed our attention this week

This week, has curated work done by Magicbricks, Linen Club, Blissclub, Croma, Asian Paints, Swiggy and Godrej Agrovet

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Spotlight on top 7 ads that grabbed our attention this week

In the realm of advertising, where creativity meets strategy, a select few ads have managed to transcend the noise and imprint themselves in our collective consciousness. Recognising the power of such campaigns, has curated a list of the top seven ad campaigns of the week.

This week, has curated work done by Magicbricks, Linen Club, Blissclub, Croma, Asian Paints, Swiggy and Godrej Agrovet.

1. Magicbricks

As the new year unfolds, many embark on resolutions but due to sincere reasons procrastination prevails, delaying the fulfillment of these commitments. Inspired by this insight, Magicbricks launched its latest digital campaign, NoMoreTaalna.

The campaign aims to instill confidence, reassuring potential homeowners that their resolution to move into their dream home in 2024 need not succumb to procrastination (NoMoreTaalna) with Magicbricks as the trusted partner to turn this aspiration into a reality.

2. Linen Club

Linen Club has unveiled a new campaign - an ode to the annual celebration of Sankranti in Andhra Pradesh. Accurately capturing the essence of festival, the film and the brand’s new song, emphasises on the significance of ‘Letting go off the old’ an important custom during the harvest season in the state.

The film showcases a typical Sankranti morning with a family preparing to perform the Bhogi ritual. The grandfather is teaching the grandson to discard an old item into the Bhogi fire, when the curious grandson enquires about the significance. It is then the grandfather explains him the importance of letting go of the old to make space for the good. The child playfully questions if his grandfather throws his anger into the bonfire, could that bring back his aunt home? Touched by his grandson’s wisdom, the grandfather decides to leave the grudge and accepts his daughter and her husband.

3. Blissclub

Blissclub, the activewear brand, recently released a film to further its mission of reintroducing women to the joy of movement.

Scripted and produced completely in-house, the film features real-life state-level and amateur athletes practising different forms of movement, set to the soundtrack of ‘Jingle Bells’. The film showcases slo-mo close-up shots of their bodies and ends with a simple message: “Jiggle All The Way. Your body is a celebration.”

The film is a reminder to women - many of whom don’t work in public because they’re made to feel conscious of how their bodies move - to continue moving.

4. Croma

Croma kicks off the End-of-the-Year Campaign, the “Mega Exchange Festival” in Tamil Nadu Market with a series of DVCs encouraging consumers to part ways with outdated electronics and embrace the future with the latest electronic gadgets.

Conceptualised by the in-house Croma Team, directed by S.V. Ashwathram, and executed by Useful Garbage Creations, the DVCs, with a touch of wit, highlight super-grandmother guiding her family to embrace the latest tech marvels through Croma's mega exchange.

The DVC unfolds with the sudden entrance of a bodybuilder in a house, taking an old phone from a surprised child. The narrative takes a comical turn with the introduction of a super-grandmother spearheading a mission to remove outdated electronic products from the house.

5. Asian Paints

In the pursuit of creating their beautiful homes, consumers seek a perfect and durable solution. For their home exteriors, they search for an effective paint that will protect it from severe weather and dust. With a new ad, Asian Paints reinforces the positioning that Ultima Protek is the best lamination paint.

Conceptualised by Ogilvy India, the TVC features the main lead, Chandru, a proud homeowner who recently painted his home with lamination paint, Ultima Protek. The film showcases various seasons, where neighbours approach him marveling at his home's stunning appearance after facing severe weather conditions. From scorching summer heat to incessant monsoon rains and heavy storms and dust, no matter what the home keeps shining. As the house stands firm and undamaged, and each neighbour is clearly impressed in every situation, Chandru can't wait to share the name of his lamination paint. However, every time he tries to reveal the name, a neighbour says it first. Everyone spontaneously states that he's used lamination paint, Ultima Protek. With admiration, each neighbor refers to him as 'Super Chandru.'

6. Swiggy

Swiggy has launched a campaign to promote the Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card. The campaign features a video titled "It's Raining Cashback on Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card," starring comedian and influencer Viraj Ghelani.

In the video, Ghelani playfully pretends to pickpocket unsuspecting pedestrians, only for them to panic and check their pockets. Upon checking, they are pleasantly surprised to discover rewards in the form of cash and the Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card.

Turning the negative connotation of pickpocketing on its head through the use of humour and surprise, the video communicates the message that using the Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card is like getting a surprise in the form of rewards and savings with every purchase.

7. Godrej Agrovet

On the occasion of Kisan Diwas 2023, Godrej Agrovet released a brand film to thank Indian farmers. The film, titled #KisanSeHumHai, is a heartfelt tribute to recognise the integral role our farmers play in feeding the nation.

Conceptualised and executed by the corporate brand and communications team at Godrej Industries and associated companies along with Creativeland Asia, the film showcases the appreciation that Godrej Agrovet has towards Indian farmers and its pledge to help uplift farming families.

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