HDFC Life's new campaign highlights the need for proactive retirement planning

Conceptualised by Schbang, HDFC Life encourages individuals to retire on their terms by promoting early planning for a future characterised by financial freedom

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HDFC Life's new campaign highlights the need for proactive retirement planning

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HDFC Life has unveiled a new campaign ‘Kal Ka Reality Check’. Designed to resonate with individuals aged 23 to 45 and beyond, this campaign aims to catalyse a paradigm shift in the way individuals approach securing their dream retirement.

Embarking on a social experiment, HDFC Life aims to empower individuals to confidently realise their retirement dreams. Under this campaign,  HDFC Life has recently unveiled two ad films.

In the first film, 'Retail Reality’ participants are confronted with dual price tags on everyday goods, revealing the stark contrast between current and future costs. HDFC Life representatives intervene, stressing the crucial need for proactive financial planning, particularly for retirement. The film concludes as participants choose HDFC Life's insurance policies, solidifying the message of preparing for future expenses.

In the second film, titled ‘Painting the Future’, participants vividly visualise their dream retirements through generative AI, only to be startled as the actual cost falls short. This eye-opening experience underscores the pivotal role of early retirement planning with HDFC Life, leaving a lasting impact on their financial foresight.

Vishal Subharwal, Chief Marketing Officer and Group Head - Strategy, HDFC Life, said, "Retirement planning is an exercise that needs to be done meticulously – taking into consideration every aspect of one’s life,in the future. For example, with increasing age, one needs to factor an increase in expenses especially related to health. One aspect that cannot be ignored is inflation. A retirement plan needs to factor inflation and enable individuals to build a corpus that can sustain them financially in a scenario where costs have gone up manifolds. Through our campaign, 'Kal Ka Reality Check,' we are on a mission to empower individuals to seize control of their retirement aspirations. It's a call to action—start planning today.”

Rohan Hukeri, Executive Vice-President, Mumbai and Delhi - Brand Solutions, Schbang, said, “Delving into the concept and ideation of this campaign was an exhilarating journey of creativity and strategic brilliance. At Schbang, we pride ourselves on transforming ideas into immersive experiences that resonate with authenticity. This campaign is a testament to our passion for pushing the boundaries of storytelling, aiming to not just capture attention but also leave a profound imprint on the audience's psyche.”

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