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Aditya Birla's TMRW relaunches Nobero brand with new campaign

The campaign ‘The Other Side is Calling’ provides a break from the ‘Always On’ mode

TMRW House of Brands, an Aditya Birla Group venture, relaunched their brand Nobero,  a travel focussed FashleisureTM brand.

To strengthen the brand identity and create an elevated connect with its audience, Nobero has launched a digital- first campaign ‘The Other Side is Calling’.

Prashanth Aluru, CEO and Co-founder, TMRW House of Brands, said, “We are brand builders at heart. And we do this by understanding our consumers and crafting brand stories based on compelling insights. Our research on Nobero revealed the ‘social traveler’ identity that Millennials often relate to. This consumer group is engaged in exploring the other side in pursuit of activities that allow them the escape from the ‘always on’ mode - be it travel, outdoor activities, photography, music or yoga. Nobero’s capability in successfully marrying fashion and comfort allowed them to create a product offering that suits this TG to perfection. In our campaign, we have picked up this insight to create a short-form video first content that has a high resonance amongst millennials. The story is relatable and familiar & the bite size content allows for a much faster assimilation. We look forward to this campaign bringing Nobero closer home to its consumers.”

The Other Side is Calling takes a critical look at the 9-9 life that most of us live. The endless pings and notification pop-ups, the over prevalence of information and the missing real-life conversations. With Nobero as the catalyst, the films then provide a break from the ‘Always On’ mode. The narrative takes one  to ‘the other side’ – the serenity of mountains, flowing music at a concert or the joy of street photography. The brand plays the enabler of this transition to peace – no matter what one’s preferred activity is.  The story invites us to explore life that lies beyond the small, medium & large screens that consume us every day.

Karthik Venkat, Co-founder and Marketing Maverick, Nobero, said, “Bala and I built Nobero as a brand that can adapt global trends to Indian sensibilities to give our consumers a pick from high quality, comfortable, fashion-forward athleisure. With time we have elevated this range further to what we call Fashleisure now. As the next step in our growth journey, we felt the need to establish a higher order emotional connect with our consumers, which got us to create our campaign.”

Venka said, “What resonated most with us is the fact that, ‘The Other Side is Calling’ is all of our story - we are way too familiar with it. And that is the opportunity that we, as Nobero, identified. A familiar story with an unfamiliar ending that can latch on effectively to our consumers’ emotions. The journey of Nobero is the journey of a traveler- exploring the path that unfolds as we go.”

The campaign is shot by Reels Room.

Ahsan khan, Co-founder, Reels Room, said, “We often get so caught up in our daily routine that we forget to take a break from it. Being an athleisure brand, Nobero tries to reflect this. Our challenge was to build an idea that's true to the format (social-first) with engaging and impactful storytelling, so we focused on three Ts - twist, track and transition. Shiv, co-founder, Reels Room has directed these reels with his distinctive visual storytelling.”

Creative Credit:

Brand- Aditi Prabhakar, Pratik Dongaonkar, Karthik Venkat, Bala Sathish

Reels Room- Ahsan Khan and Shiv Parameswaran


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