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9 lakh people create #MyFantasyAdWithSRK in 10 weeks: Sunfeast Dark Fantasy

Dark Fantasy also ran a - #MyFantasyAdWithSRK digital contest

Till date, 9 lakh people have created their ads with Shah Rukh since the launch of  #MyFantasyAdWithSRK, on September 20, 2023.

The company further stated that approximately 6 users uploading their details every minute!

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy, in collaboration with media partner IPG, launched this innovative campaign - #MyFantasyAdWithSRK. Here, consumers/Khan fans had a unique opportunity to be his co-star and create their own personalised advertisements. Utilising cutting-edge Generative AI technology (Gen AI), users experienced the thrill of sharing screen space with their favourite Bollywood icon by simply uploading their picture on the dedicated campaign website https://www.darkfantasyadwithsrk.in/ 

Ali Harris Shere, Chief Operating Officer, Biscuits and Cakes Cluster, ITC Foods Division, said, "#MyFantasyAdWithSRK gave SRK fans the opportunity to bring to life the fantasies nurtured over the years. It was one of our milestone campaigns, and we are truly delighted to see how fans are coming forward voluntarily and creating their version of the ad. 9 lakh fantasies fulfilled is a huge achievement for brand Dark Fantasy. We are happy to see that we were able to convert the fantasies of many into reality”.

Dark Fantasy also ran a - #MyFantasyAdWithSRK digital contest. Where, top 5 participants who have showcased their creativity in captions and garnered maximum likes on their personalised ad with SRK, will have the opportunity to get their personalised ad with SRK featured on national TV.


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