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WhatsApp likely to launch ads in Status and Channels soon

While Meta isn’t running ads on WhatsApp as of now, WhatsApp Head, Will Cathcart, hinted that the company is planning to introduce advertisements in different locations, such as Status and Channels, excluding the Inbox

Meta’s centralised instant messaging platform, WhatsApp, currently has no option for ad placements. But now it is likely to introduce in-app advertisements in different locations such as  Status and Channels on the platform leaving the Inbox ad-free.

Several reports, quoting, Will Cathcart, Head of WhatsApp, have confirmed the move, but as of now, there is no set deadline set aside for the change.

As per Cathcart, the platform could charge people to subscribe, and the owners could promote ads for it within Channels.  However, no ads would be showcased in the inbox as that as per him isn’t the right model for a messaging service like theirs.

Despite talking about ads coming to WhatsApp, the platform so far hasn’t executed such plans and has mainly relied on its business messaging model and click-to-WhatsApp ads on other platforms like Facebook for revenue.


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