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Urban Company marks nine years in India, advocates dignity and respect for all jobs in new video

The video has been conceptualised and created by the team at Talented Agency and Superfly Films

Click on the Image to watch the TVC.

Urban Company celebrated its ninth anniversary in India, marking its way as a leader in the home services industry. Over the past nine years, the company has embarked on a journey marked by innovation and is providing at-home services to millions of customers at their doorsteps.

Showcasing the same, Urban Company has released a video narrating the story of a service partner engaging in a conversation with a young boy during a bathroom cleaning service. 

The video conveys the message – that all work deserves dignity and respect.

Tarun Menon, Director – Brand, Urban Company said, "As we complete nine years of a transformative journey in India, we proudly uphold our brand promise – a commitment to provide unparalleled service excellence to our customers, while ensuring respect and dignity amongst our skilled service partners. ​​Through this thought-provoking ad, conceptualised and created by the team at Talented Agency and Superfly Films, we have attempted to underline the importance of skilling, and that everyone should be respected for their work, irrespective of the job they undertake.”

Sai Karthik, Strategy at Talented, said, “Our research revealed that homeowners are caretakers first and homeowners next. They are fiercely protective of the status quo in their personal space, and rightfully so! However, apprehensions are heightened in the context of services perceived to be 'blue collar' being delivered at home - even when essayed by professionals. The brand needed to address these apprehensions strategically and more purposefully. This idea was to demonstrate that UC professionals bring their best selves to every home; through their skill and deep training, and the inherent pride they feel towards it.  Through multiple drafts, the team at Talented, along with our creative consultant Shivani Gairola and our research consultants Hengam Riba, Palash Harle, and Balram Vishwakarma, told this story with the sensitivity it deserves.”

Kopal Naithani, Founder and Director, Superfly Films, said, "The film is a brilliant narrative about the dignity of labour in our society. It raises a fundamental question about what is ‘respectable’ work, and reinforces the idea that anything worth doing is worth doing well. It also makes us look at how education can play an important role in shaping future generations."

Urban Company video:


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