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Super 7 ads of the week: Here’s a Spotlight on this week’s ads that grabbed our attention

This week, BestMediaInfo.com has curated work done by Urban Company, Godrej L'Affaire, HDFC Mutual Fund, Reliance resQ, Joy Personal Care, Mahindra Finance and Metro Brands

From compelling narratives to visually stunning masterpieces, certain campaigns redefine creativity and make a lasting impact. Recognising the power of such campaigns, BestMediaInfo.com has curated a list of the top seven ad campaigns of the week.

This week, BestMediaInfo.com has curated work done by Urban Company, Godrej L'Affaire, HDFC Mutual Fund, Reliance resQ, Joy Personal Care, Mahindra Finance and Metro Brands.

1. Urban Company campaign

Urban Company celebrated its ninth anniversary in India marking its way as a leader in the home services industry. Showcasing the same, Urban Company has released a video narrating the story of a service partner engaging in a conversation with a young boy during a bathroom cleaning service.

The video conveys the message – that all work deserves dignity and respect. The video has been conceptualised and created by the team at Talented Agency and Superfly Films

Urban Company campaign:

2. Godrej L'Affaire campaign

Godrej L’Affaire, has launched a new digital campaign #CelebratingAcceptance, on the occasion of Bhai Dooj. The campaign aims to capture the notion surrounding a regular sibling bond and promote inclusivity and celebrate diverse forms of love, while also challenging stereotypes.

Conceptualised by the Godrej Corporate Brand and Communications team along with Agency09, the film aims to showcase the true meaning of the sibling bond by portraying the emotional journey of a transgender woman and her brother, therefore initiating conversations about acceptance and support. In a world where stereotypes and prejudices continue to persist, Godrej L'Affaire seeks to challenge these biases through a compelling brand film.

Godrej L'Affaire campaign:

3. HDFC Mutual Fund campaign

In celebration of Children's Day, HDFC Mutual Fund unveiled a new campaign capturing the essence of the unbreakable bond between children and parents. The campaign, showcased through a video, draws parallels between the enduring trust shared by parents and their children and the concept of Systematic Investment Plans (SIP).

The video illustrates how a parent's relationship with their child mirrors the consistency and reliability of an SIP, emphasising the long-term commitment and nurturing aspect. HDFC Mutual Fund aims to evoke emotions and highlight the significance of financial planning for life's milestones through this heart-warming narrative.

HDFC Mutual Fund campaign:

4. Reliance resQ campaign

L&K Saatchi & Saatchi has created a film that celebrates Reliance resQ engineers’ dedication to its customers, no matter what the occasion, day, or season. The film recognises the pivotal role its employees play in ensuring its consumers enjoy a hassle-free and peaceful Diwali.

The digital film of Reliance resQ showcases the resilience and commitment of their engineers,  who work tirelessly throughout the year, to ensure that the electronic devices of their customers are promptly serviced, regardless of the occasion. Their biggest reward is the happy smiles on the faces of the customers.

Reliance resQ campaign:

5. Joy Personal Care campaign

Joy Personal Care has announced Sushant Divgikar as a brand ambassador for its flagship winter product Honey and Almond Body Lotion. As a part of this announcement, the brand also unveiled a digital video commercial which embraces equality, transcending gender boundaries and challenging conventional beauty norms, while emphasising the brand’s core of ‘Beautiful by Nature’.

With this Campaign, Joy Personal Care highlights a message of openness and variety within the realm of beauty. It emphasises that authentic beauty extends beyond societal expectations and gender norms. The DVC presents the Joy Honey and Almond Nourishing Body Lotion, emphasising on its role in nurturing the skin.

Joy Personal Care campaign:

6. Mahindra Finance campaign

Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services, (MMFSL), part of the Mahindra Group, has announced the launch of its new ad campaign - ‘Ab Fixed Deposit hoga Fast Deposit’. The new campaign captures the digital agility and reliability of Mahindra Finance’s Fixed Deposit schemes, further nudging today’s young investors to avoid frugal expenditures.

The two 15-second TVCs focus on the ‘Speed & Ease’ aspects of investing in Mahindra Finance FDs; enabled by a simple ‘4-steps only’ process. This is encapsulated in a secured end-to-end digital journey.

Mahindra Finance campaign:

7. Metro Brands campaign

Metro Brands, the Indian footwear brand, has launched a campaign titled ‘For People Who Move’ for its British footwear brand FitFlop. The campaign showcases compelling stories of individuals who challenged the status quo, shattered boundaries, and etched their legacy with determination.

The new campaign series features five individuals who have carved a niche for themselves: Akhil Akkineni, an actor who has been committed to carrying forward the legacy of his craft, Nandini Bhalla, an editor-in-chief known for her progressive contributions to the fashion industry, Anshuka Parwani, a wellness expert who rebuilt her life, Joseph Radhik, a wedding photographer with a knack for turning ordinary moments into the most extraordinary memories; and Vedant Lamba, a startup founder who has established a business in the sneaker space.  All of them sport versatile styles from the brand’s latest collection, crafted to keep them on the move.

Metro Brands campaign:


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