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Super 7 ads of the week: Here’s a Spotlight on ads that grabbed our attention this week

This week, BestMediaInfo.com has curated work done by Kalyan Jewellers, Rungta Steel, MakeMyTrip, Samsung, Jaypore, Sparx and Ferrero India

From innovative storytelling to captivating visuals, certain campaigns stand out for their creativity and impact, offering a glimpse into the forefront of advertising excellence. Recognising the power of such campaigns, BestMediaInfo.com has curated a list of the top

seven ad campaigns of the week.

This week, BestMediaInfo.com has curated work done by Kalyan Jewellers, Rungta Steel, MakeMyTrip, Samsung, Jaypore, Sparx and Ferrero India

1. Kalyan Jewellers campaign

Kalyan Jewellers has launched its Chhath Puja festivities with the release of its campaign ad. The brand's campaign, featuring the ambassador Wamiqa Gabbi and veteran actor Mohan Agashe, pays homage to the festival's spirit of celebrating familial bonds and the profound significance of cultural traditions.

The 50-second ad captures the essence of Chhath Puja, emphasising the joy of homecoming, the significance of new beginnings, and the reverence for the sun. With a focus on bridging generations and fostering familial unity, the ad symbolises the everlasting values that bind Indian families together.

Kalyan Jewellers campaign:

2. Rungta Steel campaign

Rungta Mines has unveiled a new TV commercial featuring popular Bollywood actors Shahrukh Khan, Alia Bhatt, and Ranbir Kapoor reiterating its commitment of ‘Ek Dum Solid’.

The TV commercial aims to evoke feelings of trust, reliability, and a light-hearted interaction among the actors with a message of the importance of a rock-solid foundation for one's home expressed as 'Ghar Ke Neev Ko #EkdumSolid Chahiye.'

Rungta Steel campaign:

3. MakeMyTrip campaign

MakeMyTrip has launched a new campaign aimed squarely at attracting new users to its platform by spotlighting the unique value propositions that set the platform apart.

Confronting the usual challenges travellers encounter when booking hotels online, such as insufficient room details and overpriced hotel bookings, MakeMyTrip's latest spots are both a solution and a revelation. The campaign brings back its ambassadors, Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh, cleverly revealing the depth of room-specific information available on MakeMyTrip, from the charm of sea-facing rooms to the practicalities of included amenities.

The films have been written by Tanmay Bhat, Devaiah Bopanna, Puneet Chadha, and Deep Joshi of Moonshot.

MakeMyTrip campaign:

4. Samsung campaign

Smartwatches often draw attention to the health benefits they bring to the table for consumers. Samsung has turned this insight on its head by instead focusing on the Tap to Pay feature of its Galaxy Watch6 in the new campaign conceptualised by Cheil India.

Titled "Turn your wrist to pay", the campaign features a film that showcases the ease of payment that comes with the Samsung Wallet's Tap to Pay feature.

The campaign film revolves around a protagonist showing off the Galaxy Watch6’s payment feature in a dazzling piece of choreography set to music. As other shoppers look on in amazement, the protagonist smoothly makes seamless payments in one setting after another, all while indulging in smooth moves.

Samsung campaign:

5. Jaypore campaign

Jaypore has launched a new campaign that resonates with the spirit of one’s time. Under the theme ‘Reclaim Your Roots’, Jaypore invites one to embrace the essence of their heritage.

Jaypore's ‘Reclaim Your Roots’ campaign showcases personalities such as Aditi Rao Hydari (actor), Nandita Das (director, actor and activist), Amaan and Ayaan Ali (musicians) and Priya Malik (actor and poet) who unveil their journeys, revealing the new worlds they've embraced as a part of their roots.

Jaypore campaign:

6. Sparx campaign

Sparx has unveiled a new TVC featuring Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar.

The creative opens up with the Bollywood actor Kumar engaged in a Kite or ‘Patang’ flying drill (as India calls it) with a young guy who's indulged in the same along with his friends. The teenager or the young kid tries his best to get the better of Khiladi Kumar but fails to do so, losing hold of his kite. Kumar celebrates his victory by announcing ‘Ye Kata’ (it is gone) to further testify upon his victory. However, the kid takes it positively and reverts with — “Akshay sir, kaata hai, loota nahi hain.” (meaning, I've lost it, but you haven't got hold of it yet). The accompanying visual shows a two-way tussle and a high octane run between both as the young guy and Kumar are seen wearing their respective Sparx shoes.

Sparx campaign:

7. Ferrero India campaign

Ferrero India has announced two campaigns featuring Hrithik Roshan and Sara Ali Khan.

The #LightupyourDiwali campaign with Roshan and the #MakeDiwaliMommmentsPerfect campaign with Khan are designed to reinforce Ferrero Rocher and Ferrero Rocher Moments as the ultimate gifting choice for consumers during this festive season

Ferrero India campaign:


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