Did Myntra's idea of coming up with a 'winning post' for World Cup 2023 just backfire?

The e-commerce shopping platform, ahead of the World Cup Final, announced that while most brands prep themselves for a 'winning post' and 'losing post' for any sporting event, it was decided to not come up with a 'losing post' and hence it did end up posting a 'winning post', but not for India, and that precisely upset some netizens

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Did Myntra's idea of coming up with a 'winning post' for World Cup 2023 just backfire?

Ahead of the ICC Men’s World Cup Final which took place yesterday, Myntra decided to take a differentiated approach of coming up with a social media post which highlighted how brands keep a ‘winning post’ and a ‘losing post’ ready for all sporting events.

Having said that, the e-commerce brand also pointed out that this time around it wouldn’t be making a ‘losing post’ and instead do what every fan does- ‘hope, pray and cheer Team India to WIN THE CUP’.

But, a few moments later when it was Team Australia which lifted the World Cup trophy despite our boys playing well, Myntra had no option but to actually take live the ‘winning post’, not for India but for the Australian team.

In the post, it mentioned that Team Australia played great cricket last night and that they deserved a winning post.

“As much as we root for our team as a nation, we root for the game of cricket and its spirit. All 1.4 billion of us. Congratulations on becoming the World Cup Champions for the 6th time, against so many odds. This is your winning post, mate! We Will see you in 2027,” read the social media post.

This, however, wasn’t taken in the light hearted spirit it was supposed to by many and soon became a reason for netizens to flood the comments section of the post with surly jabs.

Some even went to the extent of stating that one should not buy anything from Myntra until the next World Cup and that the post, even though it claims to be a winning post, was actually a ‘losing post.’

 Another user also questioned whether the app was actually Indian since the post didn’t mention anything about the Indian team.

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