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BlinkX launches new campaign celebrating Indian investors and essential trading qualities

The client-tech company has launched a three-film campaign making one aware of how Indians are a natural fit to participate in the capital markets

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BlinkX has launched a series of digital brand campaigns, #MadeForTheMarket, aimed at highlighting the significance of a trusted tech partner throughout the investing journey for Indian investors.

Additionally, BlinkX’s campaign celebrates the essential qualities of research, precision, and patience required in the trading realm, which resonates with a broader-line Indian personality.

A series of three ad films showcases instances where such qualities are brought to life, making one aware of how Indians are a natural fit to participate in the capital markets.

Each of the videos focuses on a distinct aspect of trading prowess, whether an aunt playing the role of an investigator by using her sharp skills to do a background check of a to-be bride’s suitor - a home buyer who pays meticulous attention ensuring every nook and cranny of the property is perfect - or a father to teenage children who does not give into the temptation of selling a precious heirloom the first chance they get, but patiently wait until the perfect opportunity arrives.

Gagan Singla, MD, BlinkX, said, “We are excited to introduce our #MadeForTheMarket campaign, a unique exploration of the qualities that define successful traders and investors. In the world where products, features and pricing plans are hailed as the main protagonists in almost all brand marketing stories, we wanted to bring focus on our biggest asset – our fellow Indians who keep us motivated to persistently innovate and elevate brand experience. The campaign moves beyond promotional efforts while taking a stance that every Indian is blessed with a gene for investment – it’s just about unleashing the right attribute, preferably with a right partner, who can be anyone. We will continue to walk this path and unearth more such campaigns by keeping such inspiring approaches to investments at the epicentre, and while doing so, we hope we can get a smile on our viewers as they come across our videos on various social platforms and rediscover themselves.”  

Blink X film 1:

Blink X film 2:

Blink X film 3:


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