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Red FM unveils Quiz India Movement

The first season of Quiz India Movement began on October 2 and will run till November 19

Red FM introduced a gaming concept on radio: the Quiz India Movement.

It aims to capture the essence of trivia, knowledge, and fun, combined with the immense power of radio as a platform.

The first season of Quiz India Movement began on October 2 and will run till November 19.

Banking on the tradition of cricket, this year, Quiz India Movement by Red FM is giving cricket fans a spectacular 49 days of non-stop excitement and rewards.

The show is being hosted by RJ Raunac. With the total prize pool being 21 lacs of cash, listeners have the chance to win cash by answering questions on a microsite while tuning in to Red FM.

Nisha Narayanan, Director and COO, Red FM, and Magic FM, said, “At Red FM, we are delighted to be introducing a one-of-its-kind gaming concept Quiz India Movement leveraging the massive reach of radio as a platform. The campaign aims to blend the theatre of the mind element with a digital hook, setting it apart from other quiz shows. Quiz India Movement banks on the benefits of traditional radio and a new age platform social media to provide an enhanced audience experience. This year, the show has cricket as its theme, which acts as a fitting launch pad for season one, considering it is time for the World Cup. Moreover, utilising new-age technology and an engaging format, we hope the show will entertain listeners and help them cash on their cricket expertise."


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