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Radio City introduces AI radio jockey ‘Sia’

The AI radio Jockey will be hosting the show ‘Say na Sia’

Radio City has announced the launch of its AI Radio Jockey ‘RJ Sia’. The AI radio Jockey will be hosting the show ‘Say na Sia’.

The radio platform said that AI RJ SIA’s programming spans an array of genres, topics, and music.

Ashit Kukian, Chief Executive Officer of Radio City, said, "At Radio City, we believe in the power of combining technology with human creativity. AI RJ SIA is not just an AI, she's your trusted radio companion. Get ready to be captivated by her mood-adaptive content that resonates with your heart. We're not just following the future; we're shaping it. Our vision is “where innovation and the human connection converge, redefining radio in ways never imagined.”

Ai RJ Sia will also be part of Radio City’s "Blockbuster Sunday" programming line-up,  where she takes centre stage, transforming Sundays into a day of extraordinary entertainment and engagement.


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