Dhara celebrates the joy of compliments and togetherness in new campaign

Dhara has conceptualised the festive campaign in collaboration with DDB Mudra Group. #TareefonKaTyohar is an extension of Dhara's ongoing communication narrative of 'Khaane Pe Kehna'

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Dhara celebrates the joy of compliments and togetherness in new campaign

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Dhara has rolled out a new festive campaign titled #TareefonkaTyohar, which puts the spotlight on quintessential requisites of festivities, i.e., food and loved ones, coupled with compliments. #TareefonKaTyohar is an extension of Dhara’s ongoing communication narrative of ‘Khaane Pe Kehna’.

Dhara has conceptualised the festive campaign in collaboration with DDB Mudra Group. The DVC showcases a narative of making moments more cherishable by simply adding a pinch of appreciation to what our loved ones do, thereby strengthening family bonds and fostering a culture of gratitude.

The DVC begins with a family getting together for a meal on a Diwali evening, with Sonia and her husband Krish serving homemade snacks to Krish's parents. When Sonia offers a plate of namak pare to her father-in-law, he thinks Sonia has cooked them and initially reacts with a grimace. Krish intervenes and defends her by saying he made them for the first time. This leads to a positive change in his expression as he appreciates the gesture and is proud of his son’s efforts. As Sonia sits in disbelief, her mother-in-law sarcastically highlights how Sonia did most of the work while Krish only came in towards the end, causing some awkwardness. The mother-in-law then appreciates Sonia for all her work in a heart-warming moment. The father-in-law also tries to compliment Sonia for the samosa, to which she informs him that the samosa has been prepared by her mother-in-law. The family shares a laugh, and the commercial conveys a message about coming together during festivities. The DVC ends with the voice over saying kuchh baantna ho, bataana ho, tareef se kissi ka tyohar banana ho, toh bas #KhaanePeKehna.

Manish Bandlish, Managing Director, Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetable, said, “The festive season is a time to relish and enjoy with your loved ones. A lot goes into as we prepare to celebrate each festival, one after the other. In today’s times, the roles across genders have also evolved and it is indeed heartening to see this change. However, we often take things as given. With the festive fervour across our country, we though that this would be the right time to come out with a storyline which stays true to its nature, be more relatable and yet stays away from the clutter.  Afterall, everyone likes appreciation for their contribution. The new festive campaign sends a powerful message that compliments, gratitude, and appreciation can transform familial conversations into moments of joy, make your loved ones feel special, thereby uplifting the festive spirit across households.”  

Iraj Fraz, Creative Head DDB Tribal, DDB Mudra Group, said, “The #KhaanePeKehna campaign is built on the belief that the most difficult conversations can be had, if they’re over good food. And one conversation that deserves a stage during the festivities of Diwali, is the appreciation of the hard work that goes behind it. We’re famous for giving medals to the men who chip in. And often, it’s just assumed that the womenfolk obviously have to do all the prep and hosting work, even when its 2023. So do share the campaign with your families. And this year, apart from the wishes of “Happy Diwali!” do share a word of appreciation with everyone who makes Diwali joyful and sumptuous for us.”

#TareefonkaTyohar campaign:


Brand: Dhara Edible Oils

Agency: DDB Mudra Group

Creative: Iraj Fraz Batla, Purva Ummat, Mridul Sharma, Ankur Singh, Chetan Joshi

Strategy: Surbhi Arora, Nupur Sharma

Business: Ashutosh Sawhney, Vineet Kindra, Chirag Chutani, Avishek Prasad

Production House: Electric Dreams Film Company

Director: Aniruddha Shankar Sen

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