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Britannia forays into metaverse with ‘Britannia Coffeeverse’

The metaverse experience includes cafes of Italy to the streets of New York, landscapes of Vietnam, and traditions of Turkey, alongside an exploration of the BiscafeLand

On International Coffee Day, Britannia has ventured into the metaverse with the launch of ‘Britannia Coffeeverse’. The innovative digital odyssey, crafted by the creative team at Schbang, is set to redefine the virtual reality consumption experience by integrating Britannia's products, including Britannia Biscafe, Britannia Treat Croissant, Britannia Winkin' Cow, Britannia Fudge It Brownie, and Britannia Good Day Chunkies.

The Britannia Coffeeverse aims to provide the youth with a fresh and engaging experience, thereby encouraging their active participation in this digital realm.

Britannia Coffeeverse extends an invitation to coffee enthusiasts and adventurers to embark on a journey that spans five virtual coffee realms, all from the comfort of their screens.

The metaverse experience includes cafes of Italy to the streets of New York, landscapes of Vietnam, and traditions of Turkey, alongside an exploration of the BiscafeLand.

As a part of the launch, Britannia presents the Britannia Coffee Run, a virtual reality treasure hunt where participants decode clues to unearth hidden Britannia treasures within virtual landscapes inspired by four distinct coffee cultures.

The art of solving challenges and unveiling hidden surprises allows participants exclusive rewards and hampers in the real world. Participants indulge in a  fusion of Britannia's products that complement the coffee experience, creating an unforgettable coffee journey. The first 1000 participants stand a chance to win vouchers.

Participants are seamlessly transported into the heart of Britannia Coffeeverse with a single click. Upon arrival, they are invited to select their avatars, which lead them to the Coffeeverse Lounge, where they are greeted warmly by Rob, their guide and guardian throughout this extraordinary adventure. Participants follow a trail of clues on their journey through the diverse coffee worlds, each holding surprises of its own. As they successfully complete the coffee run, participants are redirected to a dedicated landing page. After providing their basic user details, they unlock their rewards.

Amit Doshi, Chief Marketing Officer, Britannia, said, "Coffee as a beverage has been enjoying a growing fascination, especially amongst the youth nowadays. They love to consume ‘Phygital’ experiences, be it hanging out in cafes or dwelling in digital experiences on their personal devices. At Britannia, we are glad to offer our consumers across the country, a plethora of coffee accompaniments ranging from the Treat Croissant to Fudge It Brownie, Good Day Chunkies, Biscafe, a coffee based cracker to the thick Winkin’ Cow Cold Coffee. We wanted to extend these delectable treats in the form of a premium digital café experience for these coffee, virtual reality enthusiasts. This insight led us to launch the Britannia Coffeeverse, a global coffee adventure that enhances the experience of five premium products from our portfolio, in turn, creating a truly indulgent and unforgettable journey for today’s consumers. I'm thrilled to witness the convergence of technology, taste, and tradition in this metaverse adventure.”

He added, "Britannia is at the forefront of innovation, constantly pushing boundaries to create unforgettable experiences for our customers. Britannia Coffeeverse is a testament to our commitment to offering more than just products; it's about delivering immersive and unique adventures that resonate with our audience's passion for coffee and snacking exploration. This International Coffee Day, we look forward to sharing this thrilling experience with everyone as we continue to redefine the way the world savours coffee."

Harshil Karia, Founder and MD, Schbang, said, “It all started with the Britannia team and Schbang connecting the dots around how many products Britannia actually has that deliver a café like experience – the number pleasantly surprised us. We then thought about how we can create a unique experience that unites lovers of coffee – this Coffeeverse seemed like the right fit. And the experience is a wonderful one that we’d love for everyone to try. Right from the CGI ads to the already rave reviews we’re getting from gamers, we’re really happy with the output and Schbang is proud to be at the forefront of this exciting journey with Britannia.” I’d really like to especially thank ArtMeTech- our partners in the build out of this Coffeeverse.”

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Chief Marketing Officer: Amit Doshi

General Manager, Marketing: Siddharth Gupta

Digital Marketing Head: Dipti Sudhir

Lead, Digital Center of Excellence: Prabakaran Kandan

Category Manager: Smriti Rani

Product Manager: Sunny Detani


Founder: Harshil Karia

Co-Founder and CEO: Akshay Gurnani

Executive Vice President, Brand Solutions: Aayush Vyas

Vice President, Brand Solutions: Chirag Shah

National Creative Director: Aditya Mehendale

Group Creative Manager: Rishabh Pande

Creative Lead: Pearl Alex

Senior Creative Strategist: Simran Kumar

Group Brand Solutions Manager: Grishma Shah

Brand Solutions Lead: Jay Desai

Senior Brand Solutions Strategist: Siddhi Shewale

Coffee Consultant: Bharat Singhal - Bili Hu Coffee

Tech Partner: ARtmeTech


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