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Policybazaar’s latest TVCs showcase the critical need for women to buy Term insurance

The campaign urges women to own their role in their family’s financial well-being and secure their loved one’s future with Term Insurance

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Policybazaar unveiled a 3-part brand campaign, which brings out the critical need for every Indian woman to buy Term Life Insurance independent of her spouse.

Traditionally, a family’s financial security is associated solely with men. This dangerously overlooks the emotional and financial void a family faces if the wife or mother figure passes away. Policybazaar’s campaign portrays this gap, urging women to own their role in their family’s financial well-being and secure their loved one’s future with Term Insurance.

The ads showcase the motherly instinct of wanting to protect your child even if you are not around. The first ad opens with a cancer survivor tending to her daughter’s needs, simultaneously fretting how much the child’s life would have had to change had she not survived. She adds that this sobering realisation has made her choose some semblance of certainty for her daughter – as she has invested in her own Term insurance, just like her husband.

Another ad brings out the pangs of responsibility a mother feels even when her child is in the womb. A pregnant woman, sitting in a hospital, says that making sure her yet-to-be-born child gets the best opportunities in life is the couple’s shared responsibility. She adds that she, too, has bought Term Insurance so that both can do justice to their kid’s dreams even in the worst circumstances.

The campaign aptly depicts the ground reality of a modern household, in which a woman’s financial contribution is no less than a man’s. All three ads are connected by the common thread of women actively buying insurance, embracing the responsibility that comes with the changing dynamics.

Sai Narayan, Chief Marketing Officer at Policybazaar, said, "Our brand’s tagline is “Har Family Hogi Insured,” and that can only happen when women are factored in as equals. Term insurance tailored for women is a critical yet underexplored segment; we believe it holds immense potential. The storytelling in these ad films mirrors the evolving societal dynamics where an increasing number of women are taking charge of financial matters, particularly concerning their children. Our in-house research further affirms that women are increasingly becoming the primary decision-makers when it comes to purchasing term insurance. Through this campaign, Policybazaar drives home the message and encourages more women to invest in a financially secure future for their loved ones."

Santosh Agarwal, CBO, Life Insurance at Policybazaar, added, “Policybazaar advocates the philosophy of women being equal contributors to a household, irrespective of their employment status or tangible income. The industry coming up with products like the independent homemaker term plan is a huge testament to women’s invaluable contribution to family and society. There are plans available that cater specifically to women’s health concerns. The campaign takes our message far and wide that women must make the best of these plans and secure their dependents’ future in this uncertain world.”

The campaign videos:


Policybazaar Marketing Team

CMO: Sai Narayan

Head of Brand Marketing: Samir Sethi

Associate Vice President: Nivedita Gupta

Senior Media Manager: Vineet Krishnan

Production House: K Silent Productions

Director: Puneet Prakash

Executive Producer: KC Pandey

Creative Agency: MagicCircle Communications

Managing Director: Hemant Misra

Executive Creative Director: Natwar Singh

Chief Creative Officer: Dheeraj Renganath

VP, Client Servicing Kunal Sharma


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