LS Digital conceptualises two festive short films for Tilda Basmati Rice

The Happy Onam and Ganesh Chaturthi films were directed by Pratap Dhulap and executed by the production house, We The People Films

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LS Digital conceptualises two festive short films for Tilda Basmati Rice

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LS Digital has created two short films for Tilda Basmati Rice, celebrating the occasion of Onam and Ganesh Chaturthi.

LS Digital was instrumental in scripting both films and handled the social media mandate for Tilda as well. The company adopted the 1-minute approach for both films.

Puneet Kapoor, Head of Marketing, Ebro India, said, “Our Onam and Ganesh Chaturthi films are a heart-warming celebration of love, family, and the joy of giving. They beautifully capture the spirit of festivities, reminding us that even the simplest gestures can create unforgettable moments. We always believe in celebrating diversity and Tilda Basmati Rice offers an array of rice that caters to each region and is part of their every celebration. Join us in this cinematic journey that reaffirms the power  of love and instigates cultural diversity.”

The Happy Onam video presents a heart-warming short film that intertwines the magic of the festival with a creative ‘Two States’ concept. The one-minute production is a vibrant depiction of culinary passion and unity, bringing the significance of thoughtful gestures and gender diversity within households to the fore.

The film showcases the vibrant colours and tantalising flavours of the Onam Sadhya, with each dish meticulously recreated to reflect the authenticity of the traditional meal. From the vivid hues of the  Pookalam (floral carpet) to the delicious Payasam, the film captures the true essence of the festival.

In the Ganesh Chaturthi film, Tilda Basmati Rice presents an endearing tale of tradition, love and togetherness through the lens of a nurturing mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law who is dearly missing her mother.

Nishant Patil, ECD and AVP 2, Design, LS Digital, said, “Food and festivals bring people together and that’s what we played on. Tilda being a rice brand was a perfect fit for this campaign. In the Onam film, we took this opportunity to showcase today’s contemporary society where men are equally inclined towards cooking as women have been. After all, why should only women do the cooking always? Overall, the campaign not only promulgates the brand Tilda but also gives out a positive message to society by changing stereotypes of home cooking. Now, with the Ganesh Chaturthi film,  we have showcased how Tilda beautifully strengthens the unique bond between a mother-in-law and  a daughter-in-law and brings them closer.” 

Dipshika Ravi, ECD and AVP 2, Creative and Social at LS Digital, expressed, “A celebration without family is always incomplete, and during any festive occasion, a traditional feast holds immense significance.  As a brand that emphasises diversity through its range of rice varieties, it was essential for us to construct a compelling narrative for these occasions. We drew a parallel between Tilda rice and relationships, recognising that a single secret ingredient — love — adds flavour to both food and cherished connections. Tilda isn’t just about rice; it’s about fostering connections and enhancing  experiences, precisely the essence we aimed to capture in the films.”

Graham Carter, Managing Director, Ebro India, said, “As a proud purveyor of the finest quality rice, our brand understands the integral role food plays in bringing people together. Our films showcase the heart-warming journey of preparing a traditional Onam Sadhya and Modaks, reminding us of the cultural significance of rice in this magnificent feast. We’re thrilled to support these films as  they beautifully portray love, dedication, and the essential role of rice in making your festival  celebrations unforgettable.” 

The Happy Onam and Ganesh Chaturthi films were directed by Pratap Dhulap and executed by the production house, We The People Films. 

Happy Onam film:

Ganesh Chaturthi film:

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