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Be Shah Rukh Khan's co-star in Dark Fantasy AI campaign

Continuing the ‘Har Dil Ki Fantasy campaign’, Sunfeast Dark Fantasy’sGenerative AI-powered ‘#MyFantasyAdWithSRK’ campaign allows SRK fans to fulfil their fantasy of starring alongside SRK

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy is taking the ‘Har Dil Ki Fantasy’ campaign to a new level. The brand is set to offer people a chance to share a screen with the new brand ambassador of Sunfeast Dark Fantasy and actor Shah Rukh Khan - through its #MyFantasyAdWithSRK’ campaign using Generative Artificial Intelligence Technology (“GenAI”).

ITC Sunfeast Dark Fantasy along with their media partner IPG, teamed up with Akool, to give every SRK fan a first-of-its-kind experience.

The brand is raising the bar for the campaign through its GenAI-powered campaign granting every individual the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to “co-star” with  SRK.

The campaign truly brings alive every individual’s fantasy by featuring them in the new Dark Fantasy ad.

For the first time in India, using GenAI, fans can now recreate Sunfeast Dark Fantasy's advertisements featuring SRK with the help of just a selfie. Sunfeast Dark Fantasy also encourages  participants to share their personalised ads on their social media handles with the hashtag #MyFantasyAdWithSRK.

Ali Harris Shere, Chief Operating Officer, Biscuits and Cakes Cluster, ITC Foods Division, said, "We've all witnessed the love and admiration that Shah Rukh Khan commands across the world. Our campaign is a direct response to the fantasies nurtured by our consumers over the years. We've heard countless wishes of fans wanting to star beside Shah Rukh Khan. This Sunfeast Dark Fantasy campaign brings together two iconic ‘brands’ and brings to life what once seemed like a distant fantasy."

SRK said, “Partnering with Sunfeast Dark Fantasy for the '#MyFantasyAdWithSRK' campaign has been an incredibly exciting journey. It's wonderful to witness how technology can bridge dreams and reality, I am thrilled to be a part of my fans lives and step into their fantasies in this unique way.  This campaign resonates with the essence of 'Har Dil Ki Fantasy,' capturing the spirit of aspirations and bringing them to life. It’s exciting to be a part of this innovative initiative that lets me co-star with my fans. Together, we're turning our imagination into reality.”


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