TV9 Bangla to air Suswasto Health Conclave and Excellence Award

The conclave recognised the efforts of the healthcare services

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TV9 Bangla to air Suswasto Health Conclave and Excellence Award

TV9 Bangla announced that it will air the third edition of the Health Conclave & Excellence Awards 2023 on August 27 at 11 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. and on September 3 at the same time.

Health Conclave and Excellence Awards held on August 18, 2023, at Swabhumi, Kolkata had a plenary session by medical experts from various hospitals and clinics. 

The third edition of Health Conclave aimed to bring out different aspects concerning overall health affected by lifestyle modification in the post-endemic era. 

The first session of the conclave had a discussion on the symptoms, prognosis, management and prevention of fatty liver disease and bone diseases caused by the modern lifestyle. 

The second session was about the symptoms, diagnosis, management and prevention of cancer, the curbing of heart attack and risk associated with the rising young population, especially as a post-pandemic symptom, also the newer interventions in prostrate diseases affecting men’s health. 

The third session was about the difference between Emergency and Critical Care and the need for a ventilator, the advancement in the field of MRI and CT, and the clinicians benefitted from that. It also shared the management of dengue. 

The fourth session was around the availability of treatment for physically challenged children like the deaf and dumb from birth, symptoms of dengue in children that require urgent medical attention and when to hospitalize after diagnosing the disease, the eye-care and its treatment, the core strategies of the medical value-aided travel industry. 

The fifth panel was on the prevention of Diabetes and its care involved, whether homoeopathy provides an alternative solution to allopathy medicine and the role of Ayurveda in alleviating any disease. 

The awardees in the Health Conclave and Excellence Award were: IPGMER & SSKM, NRS Hospital, Calcutta Medical College, IHBT, Institute of Child Health, Kolkata, RN Tagore Hospital, Mukundapur, IRIS Hospital, OHIO Hospital & Medical Centre, Kothari Medical Centre, Suraksha Clinic & Diagnostics, Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Howrah, Paramount Health Care, Samaritan Medical Surgical & Critical Care, Dr Dhiman Ganguly, Pulmonologist, Dr P Arun (Tata Medical Centre), Dr Suddhasatwya Chatterjee, Rheumatologist, Dr Amiya Kumar Hati (Ex Director, School of Tropical Medicine), Narayan Multispeciality Hospital, Jessore Road, Kolkata, Vijaya Diagnostic Centre, Allergy & Asthma Treatment Centre, Manorama Hospitex, Maa Ent Speciality Hospital, Kolkata, Shusrusha Shishu Seva Niketan, TS Medinova, IndiaTreatments.Com, ODM Hospital, Dr S.C. Deb Homeo Research Laboratory and Chandra Brothers Med-Med. 

The conclave and the award event had a few sponsors which were Suraksha Clinic & Diagnostics, Oxizone Books  and Shrobonee

TV9 Bangla Suswasto Health Conclave Excellence Award IPGMER & SSKM NRS Hospital Calcutta Medical College IHBT Institute of Child Health Kolkata RN Tagore Hospital Mukundapur IRIS Hospital