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Starcom's July 2023 trend report: A glimpse into dynamic cultural currents

Authored by Rahul Beer and Rajiv Gopinath, Starcom’s monthly compendium delves into a diverse array of domains, ranging from sports and entertainment to reels and beyond, encapsulating the essence of contemporary culture

In the pursuit of unravelling the threads of human experiences, Starcom has launched the July 2023 Trend Report, an insightful panorama of the prevailing cultural tapestry.

The report covers trends across four major platforms –

1. Google and Twitter

  • Sports
  • Movies and Entertainment
  • Others

2. Spotify

3. Instagram

  • Reels
  • Memes

4. Deep Dive into Oppenheimer and Barbie

1. Google and Twitter

For our major platforms- Google and Twitter, the trends could be divided into three major buckets:


Triumphs, new champions, and athletic epics; summarise the first part of the report in the most complete way. The sports arena reverberated with exhilarating moments and fervour, captivating fans across the globe. The gripping West Indies vs. India Test Series showcased star performances by cricket luminaries such as Rohit Sharma, Ravichandran Ashwin, and Virat Kohli. Their prowess on the field sparked national pride and galvanized discussions on sportsmanship and dedication.

Carlos Alcaraz with trophy

In an unexpected twist, Carlos Alcaraz's triumph over the legendary Djokovic at Wimbledon garnered widespread attention. This young tennis sensation's rise to victory illustrated the enduring allure of underdog narratives and the exhilaration of witnessing new champions ascend the ranks. Similarly, Marketa Vondrousova's victory in the Women's category resonated deeply, highlighting the compelling narratives within the realm of sports.

The second part - Football Fever: Thrills, anticipation, and surprises - mentions the much-anticipated return of football kindled excitement and intrigue among fans worldwide. Arsenal, ManU, and ManC's resplendent performances during their US tour captured hearts, while Chelsea's challenges sparked discussions on the fluid dynamics of the sport. Football's enduring appeal continued to unite global communities, serving as a testament to its unifying power.

And lastly - Retirements and Transitions. Stuart Broad, a revered English cricket player, announced his retirement, prompting reflections on his illustrious career and contributions to the sport. On the global stage, Lionel Messi's surprising transfer to Inter Miami created a stir, as his dream debut match kindled hope and enthusiasm among football enthusiasts.

Movies, music, and entertainment: A kaleidoscope of expressions:

The realm of entertainment unfurled a vibrant tapestry, offering a diverse array of experiences that captivated audiences worldwide. Jungkook's soul-stirring track, "Seven," resonated deeply, drawing listeners into its rhythm and melodies that transcended language and borders. Meanwhile, the Tamil movie "Maaveeran," headlined by the charismatic Shivkarthikeyan, wove a narrative that harmoniously blended cultural heritage with contemporary storytelling.

On the silver screen, the star-studded "Barbie Movie" illuminated theatres, showcasing the stellar performances of Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie. In the realm of cinematic genius, Christopher Nolan's "Oppenheimer" received resounding acclaim, standing as a testament to the fusion of artistic vision and technical mastery. The enigmatic "Project K," featuring Amitabh Bacchan, Deepika Padukone, and Prabhas, fueled anticipation and speculation, promising a cinematic journey of epic proportions.

"Rocky aur Rani ki Prem Kahani," featuring the magnetic duo Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt, struck a chord with Indian audiences, resonating with the nation's penchant for heartfelt and compelling love stories. Moreover, as Indian cinephiles rejoiced at Sunny Deol's return as Tara Singh in "Gadar 2," a wave of nostalgia and excitement swept through audiences. This return to a beloved character underscored the enduring impact of cinematic legacies on cultural consciousness.

Talking about the OTT series, “Kohra” and "The Witcher" Season 3 continued to cast its spell over audiences with them bidding a poignant farewell to Henry Cavill's iconic portrayal.

Others: Unveiling multifaceted dialogues

July bore witness to a medley of topics that ignited fervent discussions and introspections. The anticipation surrounding Chandrayan 3, an ambitious cosmic voyage, underscored humanity's enduring curiosity and quest for exploration. The celebration of Shivratri in India reverberating with love, underscoring the profound significance of cultural traditions in fostering unity and shared experiences. As communities gathered to honour and celebrate, the festival became a potent reminder of the bonds that transcend time and space.

Conversely, the distressing floods that plagued North India became a rallying point for conversations about disaster preparedness and resilience. The ebb and flow of the Yamuna River's levels engaged both environmentalists and communities in crucial dialogues about water conservation and urban planning. Seema Haidar, a noteworthy figure, emerged as a focal point of contemplation, exemplifying the profound impact of individuals on societal discourse.

The digital realm underwent intriguing shifts that drew attention and contemplation. Twitter's fluctuating advertising revenue prompted conversations about the platform's evolving role in shaping modern discourse. Elon Musk's enigmatic alteration of Twitter's logo to a solitary "X" triggered speculation, symbolizing the dynamic and ever-changing nature of digital platforms.

2. Spotify

On Spotify – Cheques by Shubh stands at the top with the maximum plays followed by Mahiye Jinna Sona by Darshan Raval and Tere Vaaste from Zara Hatke, Zara Bachke. “What Jumka?” from Rocky and Rani ki Prem Kahani surprisingly fell below the chart. The top 10 in the last month have been dominated by rhythmic raps and slow love songs. Overall, the mood of the Indian audience has been quite romantic in the month of July.

3. Instagram: Reels and memes trend

Instagram's landscape explodes with humour and creativity through meme culture and reels, weaving a tapestry of trends that tickle our funny bones and captivate our screens. "Paani Paani Paani" kickstarted a meme frenzy, where creators concocted scenarios flowing as smoothly as water, guided by a young boy's lead, unleashing an outpouring of boundless creativity. "Pura thela laal hai" sparked a hilarious exchange between a watermelon vendor and an intrigued lady, evolving into a symphony of humour, uniting users in shared comedic moments. Jain's "Makeba" infused life and travel vlogs with rhythmic beats, adding an enchanting layer to narratives and celebrating the spirit of exploration. "True Stories" by AP Dhillon set a trend for swift fashion transitions, encapsulating the fluidity of personal expression through a trending sound. "Kaavaalaa" set Instagram ablaze with an infectious hookstep, uniting users in spirited dance celebrations, and turning digital spaces into vibrant dance floors. "Saavan, Barsa, Bijuli" amped up the heat as girls sizzled on Instagram, spotlighting the power of movement as a mode of expression. Rakhi-themed memes humorously portrayed sibling dynamics, often featuring the witty "paisa kahan hai mera?" template, capturing festive essence with a twist of humour. Sunny Deol's iconic "Saale kahan hai tu?" scream resonated humorously across real-life scenarios, creatively injected into everyday contexts. Puneet Suparstar's unforgettable "Mummyyyy chapati denaaa" and classic dialogues added layers of humour to digital conversations, becoming comedic motifs.

From dance floors to witty dialogues, IG memes and reels forge connections through shared laughter, uniting us in a world where a chuckle transcends screens and sparks camaraderie.

Deep dive into the most discussed topics of July’23 – Barbenhiemer

Oppenheimer: A snapshot of vibrant discourse

The social media sphere has been ablaze with discussions surrounding "Oppenheimer," an enchanting masterpiece that has ignited a diverse range of conversations. From mentions to posts, passions to authors, here's a glimpse into the dynamic engagement this cinematic marvel has sparked.

Mentions: The digital realm resonated with a mix of sentiments—Positives tallied at 26,153, Negatives at 27,978, and Neutrals forming the majority at 249,974. This amalgamation of viewpoints created a rich tapestry of perspectives, capturing the essence of "Oppenheimer's" impact.

Posts: The fervour manifested through an array of creative expressions. Images took the lead with 1,25,270 posts, while Videos contributed significantly at 47,878. Meanwhile, a diverse array of Other posts added up to 1,16,372, cementing "Oppenheimer's" presence across a multitude of formats.

Passion intensity: With a passion intensity of 65 on 100, "Oppenheimer" struck a chord with audiences, evoking deep and meaningful connections. This intensity underscores the profound emotional resonance the film has ignited within its viewers.

Author division: The conversation was a harmonious blend of diverse voices. Male authors led the way with 39,255 contributions, closely followed by Female authors at 9,153. A significant number of Unknown authors, totalling 90,012, added a layer of intrigue, reflecting the inclusive and far-reaching impact of "Oppenheimer."

Most Discussed Topics: The discourse traversed various themes, with Christopher Nolan and Brilliance emerging as a captivating subject. The interplay between "Barbie" and "Oppenheimer" created an intriguing juxtaposition, while discussions about the Bhagvat Gita controversy highlighted the film's influence on conceptual interpretations. The awe-inspiring experience of "Oppenheimer" in IMAX and its unparalleled movie climax contributed to the multifaceted conversation.

"Oppenheimer" has transcended cinematic boundaries, galvanizing audiences to engage in heartfelt discussions. From diverse authors to passionate posts, its impact is undeniable, and its presence resonates powerfully across digital spaces.

4. Barbie Movie: A social media engagement odyssey

The digital landscape has become a playground of vibrant discussions, as the enchanting "Barbie Movie" captivates hearts and sparks dialogues. Let's delve into the world of mentions, posts, passion, authors, and the most resonant topics that have made the Barbie universe a compelling online narrative.

Mentions: The discourse surrounding the "Barbie Movie" echoed a spectrum of sentiments, with 43,498 positive mentions, 32,738 negative ones, and a majority of 368,336 neutral voices. This amalgamation of viewpoints weaved a rich tapestry of perspectives, capturing the diverse impact of this cinematic gem.

Posts division: Creativity found its voice through diverse mediums, with 63,660 videos, 1,60,928 images, and 1,59,835 other forms of posts. This dynamic interplay showcased the multifaceted engagement and artistic expressions that "Barbie Movie" inspired.

Passion intensity: With a passion intensity of 69 on 100, "Barbie Movie" evoked a heartfelt connection, resonating deeply within the hearts of audiences. This intensity underscores the emotional resonance that the movie has ignited, making it an immersive and captivating experience.

Author division: Voices from all corners converged to amplify the conversation. Male authors contributed 45,933 posts, while female authors closely followed with 15,731. An intriguing addition was the 1,26,096 posts from unknown authors, highlighting the universal allure and diverse engagement the "Barbie Movie" has fostered.

Most discussed topics: A tapestry of discussions unfolded, interweaving the realms of "Barbie" and "Oppenheimer" to create the intriguing fusion of "Barbenheimer." People contemplated their cinematic choices, debating whether to watch "Barbie," "Oppenheimer," or both, sparking dialogues about preferences and cinematic experiences. Conversations about the iconic Ken and Barbie characters added a layer of nostalgia and curiosity. Notably, stars like Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie became vibrant subjects, as fans discussed their roles and contributions.

The "Barbie Movie" has ignited a blaze of engagement across social media, weaving a digital narrative that spans sentiments, formats, and genders. From passionate authors to thought-provoking topics, this cinematic gem has cast a spell, creating a vibrant tapestry of conversations that transcend screens and invite audiences to join the enchanting journey.

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