Genteel detergent unveils new campaign highlighting its cleaning performance

The campaign has been conceptualised by GCPL's in-house creative studio Light box

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Genteel detergent unveils new campaign highlighting its cleaning performance

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Genteel detergent unveiled new campaign highlighting its cleaning performance.

The campaign introduces a reformulated product, along with a refreshed branding and packaging strategy, to deliver superior performance and an enhanced sensorial experience. The TVC showcases Genteel's ability to remove stains delicately, without being harsh on clothes and make them shine like brand new.

Conceptualised by GCPL’s in-house creative studio Light box, the TVC captures interaction between a mother and her two daughters and emphasizes how Genteel cleans clothes gently, making them shine like new. The film opens with a scene of a young girl admiring herself in the mirror, wearing a beautiful dress. Her younger sister looks at her and expresses her desire for a new dress as well. The older sister reminds her that she received a new dress just last month.  However, intentionally spills ketchup on her dress, approaches her mother (amma) with a sad expression, claiming she accidentally ruined her dress. The mother, aware of her daughter's trickery, smiles and reassures her that it's alright, saying they will get her a new dress. The little girl winks at her older sister, feeling triumphant that her plan worked. The mother, seeing through her trick, smiles and decides to wash the dress with Genteel detergent.

The mother then takes the ketchup-stained dress, washes it with Genteel, and surprises her daughter by presenting the cleaned dress, looking brand new with a bow on it. The younger girl believes she successfully fooled her mother, unaware of the clever deception. The TVC concludes with visuals of the Genteel product and the text on the screen reading, ‘Genteel: Clothes that Shine Like New’, highlighting the detergent's ability to rejuvenate garments and make them look brand new.

Shekhar Saurabh, Category Head, Home Care, Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL),said, “We are thrilled to re-introduce Genteel with a reformulated product & with a refreshed packaging. Our focus was on creating a quality product in line with our current consumer needs. The enhanced formula of Genteel delivers on absolute cleansing making clothes shine like new.”

He further said, “We are excited to see how Genteel’s reformulation and fresh TVC campaign resonates with consumers.”

Thomas Dawes, Head – Brand Equity, Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL), said, “When it comes to clothes, kids today are demanding and smart enough to get what they want. The modern mother must therefore stay smarter, so her child is contented without being spoiled. This new fabric of parenting itself makes for the perfect canvas for the brand. After all, Genteel helps to keep clothes looking new, making it her perfect ally.”

Genteel Detergent TVC:

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