'Back with a Bang!' says Zee News on the revamp of its primetime show “DNA”

Between July 31 and August 4, 2023, during the prime-time slot of 9-10:30 PM, the show achieved an impressive average concurrent view count of 137,610, the channel said

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'Back with a Bang!' says Zee News on the revamp of its primetime show “DNA”

Zee News Monday said that its iconic "Daily News & Analysis" (DNA) show has made a triumphant return in an exciting development that is set to reshape the landscape of television news in India.

“DNA has made a grand comeback, reaffirming its commitment to delivering incisive and in-depth news coverage to millions of viewers across the country and the globe alike,” the channel said in a press statement.

“DNA, known for its distinctive style of presenting news with depth and context, has returned to Zee News with a renewed vigour and fresh perspective. The show's revival is a testament to Zee News' dedication to providing viewers with insightful and comprehensive news analysis. With a legacy of impactful journalism, DNA is ready to captivate audiences once again with its thought-provoking content.  The relaunch of DNA on Zee News promises a lineup of episodes that delve into the heart of key issues, offering viewers not just headlines, but a comprehensive understanding of the news that shapes our world. From political developments to social issues, DNA is set to engage, inform, and spark meaningful conversations among its audience. Recent revelations on the DNA exposing the quantum of adulterated honey sold over the counters in India are a Resurgence of Fearless & Quality Journalism,” the channel added.

A Prime-Time Sensation:

“The slot between 9-10.30 PM has proven to be a golden day part on Zee News, where viewers eagerly tune in to catch the latest news, analysis, and discussions that matter. DNA's ability to provide in-depth insights and a comprehensive view of the news landscape has undoubtedly contributed to its widespread appeal,” said the statement.

Unveiling the Numbers:

Sharing the numbers, Zee News said that the response to DNA on Zee News has been nothing short of remarkable.

“Between July 31 and August 4, 2023, during the prime-time slot of 9-10:30 PM, the show achieved an impressive average concurrent view count of 137,610 (source Chrome Digi Track, Smart TVs - Cloud TV, Tizen, Vidaa, Roku, WebOS, Android, iOS & Linux, YouTube, browsers etc. and Smartphones  - YouTube, OTT, native apps, browsers etc..). This substantial number speaks volumes about the show's resonance with the audience and its ability to captivate viewers during this critical time frame. This number takes Zee News to the top 2 slots within the News Channels’ Genre across ALL channels in India,” the channel said.

Mona Jain

"We are thrilled to witness the remarkable incremental audience across devices & platforms. This data reaffirms our strategic approach to delivering content that resonates with a wide spectrum of viewers across multiple platforms. As we continue to leverage cutting-edge technology and robust data analytics, we remain committed to enhancing our viewers' experience while delivering unmatched value to our advertisers and partners," said Mona Jain, Chief Revenue Officer of Zee Media Corporation Limited.

Unveiling the Future

Zee News said that with the return of DNA, viewers can look forward to a captivating blend of news, analysis, and conversations that matter.

“With its unique approach to news coverage, DNA is poised to reclaim its position as a trusted source of information and a catalyst for meaningful change,” the channel said.

Join the Journey

Zee News invited viewers to join the journey as DNA returns to their screens, delivering news that goes beyond the surface.

“With its engaging content, insightful analysis, and thought-provoking discussions, DNA is all set to make a resounding comeback and reaffirm its status as a trailblazer in the world of news journalism,” the channel said.

Abhay Ojha

"We are immensely proud of the resounding success of DNA on Zee News. The remarkable average concurrent views during the first week of August 2023 are a testament to the unwavering commitment of our team to deliver news that matters to our viewers. DNA's ability to captivate a diverse audience, both digitally and traditionally, reaffirms our mission to provide insightful, balanced, and impactful news content that empowers and informs. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of news journalism, fostering meaningful conversations, and engaging with our viewers in ways that resonate and inspire," said Abhay Ojha, CEO of Zee Media Corporation Limit


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