Elon Musk reacts to Twitterati calling Instagram's Threads a copy-paste

Having launched today, the text-based conversation app from the house of tech giant Meta and Instagram's first decentralised app, Threads, has garnered over 10 million+ sign ups in just 7 hours of its launch

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Elon Musk reacts to Twitterati calling Instagram's Threads a copy-paste

As the Instagram’s text-based conversation app, Threads, rolls out globally, excluding the European Union, multiple individuals have taken the Twitter-Instagram competition too seriously while giving a mocking tone to it by creating several memes and calling Instagram’s Threads a copy-paste of microblogging platform Twitter.


While Elon Musk, CEO, Twitter, has been known for sharing a combination of witty yet funny take on things and driving the internet bonkers, his reaction to one of the Twitteratis calling Instagram’s Threads a copy-paste of Twitter has been making several rounds on the internet.

But that is not all, Mark Zuckerburg, Chief Executive Officer, Meta, who had been off Twitter for over a decade now also took to the microblogging platform, Twitter, to tweet the 1967 1967 Spider-Man cartoon "Double Identity" meme showing one man dressed as Spiderman pointing at another man dressed in the same costume thereby showcasing a villain’s attempt to impersonate the hero.

However, within 7 hours of its launch, Instagram’s first decentralised app and text-based conversation app, Threads, has garnered over 10 million+ signups, as per Zuckerberg.

As reported by NewsDrum, the app went live just after midnight Wednesday in the UK in Apple and Google Android app stores in more than 100 countries including the US, Britain, Australia, Canada and Japan and early celebrity users on Thread’s included Chef Gordon Ramsay, the Pop Star Shakira and Mark Hoyle, better known as the YouTuber LadBaby.

Users get a Twitter-like microblogging experience, according to screenshots provided to media, suggesting that Meta Platforms has been gearing up to directly challenge the platform after Musk's tumultuous ownership has resulted in a series of unpopular changes that have turned off users and advertisers.

There are buttons to like, repost, reply to or quote a "thread", and counters showing the number of likes and replies that a post has received.

"Our vision is that Threads will be a new app more focused on text and dialogue, modelled after what Instagram has done for photo and video," the company mentioned in a statement.

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