Sirona highlight issue of menstrual waste this World Environment Day

Over seven billion pads end up in landfills yearly, and each pad takes over 500 years to decompose

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Sirona highlight issue of menstrual waste this World Environment Day

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Sirona, the femtech brand has launched the #ReuseKaroSaveKaro campaign to highlight the issue of menstrual waste this World Environment Day.

The campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of reusability and sustainability in menstrual care and promote eco-friendly alternatives like the Sirona Menstrual Cup. By educating and empowering menstruators about the benefits of reusable menstrual cups, Sirona encourages the adoption of sustainable alternatives. The company said that each Sirona menstrual cup can last up to 10 years, aligning perfectly with the ethos of reusability ingrained in our culture.

The video campaign showcases a narrative where a girl encourages her friend to adopt the Sirona Cup. Initially hesitant due to her attachment to traditional practices, the friend is convinced when the protagonist explains that Sirona menstrual cups align with their cultural values, and also last for up to 10 years. The video aims to emphasise the compatibility between reusable menstrual cups and tradition, urging viewers to embrace sustainable alternatives. Additionally, the campaign includes regional language versions of the video to broaden its impact and reach.

Sirona has undertaken a robust educational campaign, including webinars, videos, social media content, and blogs, to drive the adoption of the Sirona Cup. This concerted effort has resulted in over 18 lakh women in India choosing the Sirona Cup.

Additionally, through its social arm, the Sirona Hygiene Foundation, Sirona conducts period health and sustainable menstruation seminars for the underprivileged and donates menstrual cups to underprivileged menstruators who do not have access to proper period products.

Over 7 billion pads end up in landfills yearly, and each pad takes over 500 years to decompose.

A 2016 CHOICE study revealed that menstrual cups and period underwear have a significantly lower environmental impact than tampons and pads, while disposable products like pads can take 500-800 years to biodegrade, contributing to landfill waste.

Deep Bajaj, Co-Founder and CEO of Sirona, said, "With Sirona's #ReuseKaroSaveKaro campaign, we invite individuals to break free from the conventional disposable mindset and adopt a more eco-conscious approach. It is a call to recognize that sustainability is not merely a trend but an integral part of our culture. We can collectively contribute to a more sustainable future by embracing reusable menstrual cups. Sirona is proud to lead the way in promoting this transformative change and empowering individuals to make a tangible impact. Join us as we celebrate our traditions, embrace sustainability, and pave the path for a harmonious coexistence with our planet. We have created an awareness video in multiple regional languages to ensure that we reach even the most remote corners of the country.”

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